SCKLM Training, Sunday, 10/05/09

Prescribed run - 27km.

Iris woke me up at 4 a.m. for her glass of water and milk, and I looked at my watch... damn, the alarm did not wake me. I moved to the couch outside, and set the alarm to 5.15 a.m., and headed to the kitchen. The nasi ayam is was no longer edible, and I had 2 breads with peanut butter and jam. Had some water, and back to sleep.

The bloody alarm apparently did not ring on me, and I woke up at 6.30 am. I miraculously dragged myself up, and put on my gear, and headed out. It was already clear sky with no cloud, and I said to myself, that today will be a bloody hot day.

Not 2km from house, the right knee started to scream. Put on the guard, and continue running. By whatever excuses, I need to complete this run. By the time I reached Gombak interchange, I started limping... Crap!

Went on, but by the time I reached Batu Caves, I could not take it anymore, and stopped at Petronas. Refuelled, and sat on the rocks by the road to apply some rub and massage on the knee. Spent some 15 minutes there, and decided to run/walk back. Made a U-turn, and ran my way passed Samudra into the Greenwood interchange, and up the MRR2 again.

Half of me was cursing for not going on, and the other half was consoling me, that I need some rest before the actual event. If not, SCKLM will be lost. Between that psychological argument in my head, I have reached the Melati area, and slowly ran home.

Total covered today, 14km in 1:37:39. I owe this training a 13km (bila la nak ganti?). Showered, went to Chow Kit for our fruits supply, and am now at the office. Have to complete the report/presentation for Putrajaya's JKPP this coming Wednesday, and some drawings for the Copenhagen/Louisiana Museum exhibition.

To all mothers, Happy Mother's Day today. Will bring wifey to Concorde KL today for a Mother's Day.


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