BigBoss' ramblings

It's one of the long event in the BigBoss' chamber, when he came in 2 minutes before we all go off, and summoned everyone in for project meetings.

I was stuck in it before 2 projects, and apparently BigBoss has a head of gangster downstairs waiting to see him (I'll be secretive about the motive, but our BigBoss was not in harm's way).

He was talking about how we need to disburse the management of our projects into few miniscule sub-departments to specifically look into design areas - Green Design & LEED/Green Mark/BREEAM Certification, I.D., Detailed Design, General Design. A good development, as all these while I have been running this project with my Director and Designer.

He has said many great things, as usual, when I loved spending time in his office listening to his crude (and sometimes unfiltered dirty) jokes, his many antics etc.

Tonight, he said that we Architects are in a very bad environment, one of the worst when our liability is lifetime.

"Architecture (and getting jobs) is like playing poker - you have to be prepared to lose it all".

(I played poker in my college days, and lost all my pennies to Kumie and Nalleq...)


The architect was the one solely to be blamed for the roof collapse at Terengganu stadium. whatsayyou?
amsyah said…
yesss... very valid... tu makan rasuah lah tu. tapi solely to be blamed tak jugaklah, as the engineers certifying the completion pun have some shares. so, Architect, Engineers and Contractor is in hot soup!

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