Collection Day

Went to collect the race pack at Dataran Merdeka earlier today. I arrived at 11.30 a.m., supposedly lucky coz managed to secure a free parking spot by the Padang, and a short queue of about half an hour. By the time I reach my turn, the lines were long, blistering hot, and it then started to rain.

Met Haza and few other friendly runners, and they were kind enough to offer last minute's tips of dos and don'ts. Met Rahman who queued for his half marathon, and of all places, I saw my StanChart Property Client manning the 10k desk (Padma, Danny knows you tak masuk office ka? hehehe)

the gambar was cilok-ed from Haza the SuperMom (I was super-nervous being in that line)

Overall, the race pack is OK but I would have expected an even a more well-designed bag (and a shoe bag will be good) considering the highest standard design we've been accustomed to when designing their properties. My L vest is too big (should've taken M instead) but that's my bad judgement.

the no. 8 will bring some 'ong'!

With the hype at Dataran, I start to be able to see the finishing line (I'll crawl if I have to) and wearing the finisher's tee to the office on Monday (on second thought, I have a business trip to Penang on Monday, damn!).

See myself on the other side.


Stupe said…
am getting jealous...u got towel!
amsyah said…
aiseyman, I am jealous-er of you IM goodies... :)

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