Easy Week - Lari Geli-Geli

This entire week will see me in my fragile-st state (running-wise), and me strategising against this huge mental battle, visualising the inevitable, and telling myself to take few extra steps to keep on going...
42.195 km is without a doubt, a very long way.
Was in Putrajaya the whole day, and caught up with Richard from Singapore who's running his second marathon, and he looked he's up for it. We swapped pre-marathon meal plan, and post-race plans (deep massage for me) etc, and I promised to go to collect our kits together. He has asked me to run with him, but I told him that I will surely slow him down.
From Putrajaya, drove to KLCC. Azlan texted me saying that KLCC area was going to rain, so he resorted to running at Tmn Sri Ukay instead. Quick check with Mariana at central KL confirmed the otherwise, so off I went.
I have become quite accustomed to getting changed at the open carpark with my towel etc... hopefully those won't end up in youtube somewhere... hehehe
There were less people around, either most are already resting well, or many didn't come on the assumption that it'd be raining today.
Told myself to run the pace I want to do on Sunday, and finished 8km strong in 0:51:20.
Things to buy : (1) extra knee guard, (2) more blister patch, (3) snickers bars


and where is the geli-geli coming from?... :)
ditch the snicker bars, unless u plan to eat it before race. otherwise lembik macam …ehem.
amsyah said…
kash, the bar is right before... hehehe, lame excuse to makan snickers...

ian : geli-geli comes from the sight i see when not concentrating on my run... ok let's leave it at that... talk later

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