The fakta-fakta about running from Kash's blog (Kash - for my inspiration je)

Here's an interesting lesson to be learnt about long runs by Jeff Galloway, which goes to show that I have been doing my long runs all wrong.

Lesson 1
Long runs are really a much slower pace than actual race day pace. You get the same endurance if you run slow as you would if you run fast. Take frequent walk breaks before feeling fatigue (good for beginners). You'll lower the damage without detracting from the endurance of the long run.

Lesson 2
Once you have reached 21KM, which you increase mileage every week, the next long runs should be done every other week.

Lesson 3
Start slow. You'll recover faster if you run slow and start slower.

There, three valuable lessons about long runs. And here's more facts to even justify why my long runs are well, wrong.

Long run facts
1) Thirteen miles with walk breaks equals 13 miles run continuously at any speed. Twenty miles with walk breaks equals 20 miles run continuously at any speed (but you recover faster with walk breaks).
2) Forget about speed on long runs. Focus only on the component of endurance.
3) You can't run too slowly on the long runs. Run at least two minutes per mile slower than you could run that distance that day, accounting for heat, humidity, etc.
4) You usually won't feel bad when you're running too fast at the beginning of the run; you must force yourself to slow down.
5) The day before the long run should be a no-exercise day.

Here's more. Did you check yes to most of the signs below?

Signs you went too fast on a long one:
1) you must hit the couch or bed and rest for an hour or more
2) muscle soreness or leg fatigue which lasts more than two days, making it uncomfortable to run
3) aches and/or pains that last for more than four days after a long one.
4) huffing and puffing so much during the last two to three miles that you can't carry on a conversation
5) struggling during the last two to three miles to maintain pace or slowing down.
6) an increase in nausea and irritation at the end of the run


thanks for the tips .....
my training starts now... (errr, too late I guess)
amsyah said…
hahahaa, sure you'll do fine. it will be me struggling all along

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