The Final (Guilty) Training, 26/06/09

Had the last short training at KLCC Park today. Initially thought of an easy 2 loops (2.6km), but ended up with additional 2.0km. I suppose I need to understand, or rather to refresh my mind of different running strides, pace, etc for the 'big' day. The final fast lap was fun, which reminds me how good a 10k run feels like...

Met Mariana and her BF running their last training together (running for 10k), uncle Din doing his last 8k run to prepare for his 10k, Ian with 2 clients running around (he's good to go for his full marathon) and few other familiar faces in serious running vests. Thai Phang was still training for Haadyai Marathon next weekend (he skipped SCKLM) etc etc.

I for one, is very nervous now but putting a poyo face as if this is OK. I know I will survive this.

I know there are hundreds, if not thousands were doing their last trainings everywhere, and the fact that they will all converge together on Sunday is surreal to me. I will go out and have a jolly run.

42.195 km...


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