I have brought the NB 1224 for a run in CPH, and it has witnessed what a freaking cold CPH is at 6 a.m. I was like a fish out of the water, when Freya breezes through the docks. The heavy wind was OK since it was quite similar to the oncoming lorries whenever I took on MRR2, but the chill left me breathless. Regardless, running when most of the people are still asleep in a city as beautiful as CPH is truly rewarding.

Some pics from the run;

the big breakfast as the reward - big bowl of muesli, wheatgerms, oats, blackberries, roasted almonds & honey, vanilla yoghurt etc... 
heading home - discussing how to spread 5 hours sitting at our breakfast table (oh, and how great the running was)
crap, forgot the guard again!


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