Pics from that gorgeous city of Kobenhaven

all the posters from the airport and everywhere with our project on it... Cool...

a pavilion made of plastic botles. we have been consming too much mineral water, lah

the compound of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, overlooking Sweden


dude, u look like a teenager lah. cam budak skolah. what's your secret? *ehem*
Fi-sha said…
Dear Syah

Have you signed up agreement with Bro PT CA as his 'awet muda' spokeperson? :)

Such a lovely place ... thanks for sharing Syah!
Anonymous said…
Running keeps you young(er). Betul tak, Shah?
amsyah said…
hahahhah, thanks guys, makan budu and peti banyak banyak... heheheh

Kash : itu betul... tapi the sakit lutut reminds me that I am not young anymore... heheheh

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