Running Day 2 in Kobenhaven

I slipped into a deep sleep last night after a super long day walking around in CPH. Apparently Freya waited but I didn't turn up, and I foolishly forgot to retrieve the 'No Disturb' sign off my door, and she went off without me. She had gone to the lakes off Gyldenlovesgade, while I only opened my bedroom curtain at 8.30 a.m.

I promised her we'll do something more physical today, and I needed to compensate my rich breakfast (oh that irresistable roasted almond in honey). So after that customary long breakfast, we headed out to rent a bike. Apparently when we arrived at Kobenhaven Bicycle Centre, all bikes were out (at DKK 85/day is the cheapest). We had from noon until 4 p.m. before our train to the airport, so we went to the more expensive alternative - rent a bike from the hotel at DKK 125/day.

Come on, being in CPH and not having a round in bikes is like being in India and not being on one of its train (I learned my lesson for not jumping on one in Delhi last time, which is in insult).

So we rent a bike for ourselves, and had a great time cycling into the new industrial area, visiting many new architecture works of B.I.G. and MVRDV etc. Man, that was really cool being in the cool Spring afternoon breeze and clear sky. And cycling is a big thing in CPH where bike lanes are 3 times bigger than a pedestrian's. We stopped at B.I.G.s few housing projects in Orestads Boulevard area, had our lunch, and headed home. We cycled back passed Copenhagen University, into Christianshavn, into Hellerup area, and turned back to the hotel.

Almost hesitantly, we dragged our bags out and headed to the train station. And now I am writing this post packed flight from CPH to Frankfurt, in a more comfortable 747 flight into Bangkok and KLIA. Few things for sure, the PNB competition submission due in 2 days, and hundreds of emails waiting.

Goodbye beautiful Denmark, hope to see you again some other time, hopefully when I am a lot richer and able to buy your ridiculously expensive designer items (a 4" tall Jacobsens Louis chair costs DKK 4,000!).


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