Running in Kobenhaven

This is a delayed entry from last week.

It was my second morning in CPH, and we took the road at 6 a.m. with Freya. Although the sun was already up at 5 a.m., the streets were empty (it was Saturday), and the wind was strong. This was my first time running outside KL, let alone in the cool Spring morning, I was shaking to my balls (excuse me). I should have packed the long tights and long-sleeved. My analgesic rub did not work at all, and my right knee was really hurting. Coupled with bad dinner, and long flight into CPH (ok, dish all the excuses now!), I did not have a great run.

We start from our hotel in Helgolandsgade, turned to the Kobenhaven H Central Station, passed Tivoli, along Bernstoffsgade, along Christias Brygge where the beautiful Black Diamond is located (it's a public library), many gorgeous housing areas, into the Kastellet where many runners were having a go as we did, and to the tip of Den Lille Havfrue where the Little Mermaid sits, and crossed the Nyhavn area and back to the hotel. We did a 1:35:00 run, quick shower, and our forthcoming organic breakfast was simply a treat, with roasted oats, almonds and honey, blueberries and vanilla yoghurt. We went on with wholewheat bread and many cheeses, chocolates and fruits, reaping rewards from the run, and enjoyed all the organic food until 12 noon (the food is super expensive in Denmark, so we ate our free breakfast full for the rest of the day).

To top it all off, we spent the whole day walking through the city, visiting all important new architecture in Christianshavn (won't bore you with that in this entry), and spent the evening at this wierd, drug-puffing village of Christiana - a goofy, hippy village filled with gypsies.

We returned to the hotel for a quick refill, head to the sauna and steam room (steam room was very powerful with zero-visibility, and we were given some rock salt with olive oil and some special rub to use inside), and resting under the the red lights wrapped in the elk skin gave me a quick snooze. Much needed rest!

I went out again past 9 p.m., headed deep into the Red Light District. A bit coy and way too reserved as compared to Amsterdam's, but intertwinned in within the Arabic, Thai and Chinese areas.

I headed back, and stopped at this shop called 'Build a Bear', which is very interesting, much like a flashy pet store. I ended up getting one bear customised for Iris. What you have to do is pick a shell (any shape and size of bear they have), get it stuffed to your liking, pick a heart, swing it all over your head, blow a wish, and insert into its chest, and go register online, complete with name for the bear, special barcode number, date of birth etc etc. Iris' special bear is called Sophie Johanssen. Of course I could go on with choosing special Spring coat, shoes, socks, hats, brollies etc, but my budget is very limited, so I headed off as the last customer that night, with Sophie neatly in her house box.

Can't believe we are going back home to KL tomorrow...

I promised Freya to go running into MVRDV's Silo Apartment in the morning.


best giler....
pics bro, pleassseeee....:)

p/s - 'Build a Bear' ada kat M'sia.... but super freaky expensive lahh...
amsyah said…
Build-a-Bear kat KL? haven't been shopping for a very long time, lah. kat mana?
seriously, I can't recall the location. Can even choose the materials that you want to stuff in the bear e.g. cotton, feathers, beans etc... kalau nak masukkan talking chip pun leh.

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