SCKLM Training - Saturday, 13/06/09

Yes, there are days when running feels like crap. This morning, I woke up feeling hesitant all the way. I was making excuses on every step, and I was cursing for coming with those excuses. It didn't help when it started to drizzle right near my cousin's house (I thought I could stop and lepak for breakfast instead) etc etc.

But the other half was diplomatic in this mental battle. Few more steps, to that next pole etc. Perhaps deep down I knew that today will be my last LSD before the SCKLM. Next week my runs will be very limited to the hotel's gym (I wonder if they would be ok if I take my exposed legs to the streets?). By next weekend, it will be the final week leading towards SCKLM and I would be confined to stretches and light runs.

With that, I continued running towards Kepong. I figured, if I reached the park, my mind can't escape but agree to at least finish the way back.

By the time I reached the park, I figured a twist would be good to confuse my mind, and give me time to ease myself off in familiar territory, that is to do the additional required distance within the 4km-park. So, did 3 loops (run-walk), and headed out to the streets again, back to the stench of Kepong's gigantic incinerator site. Called wifey to pack my stuff, towel etc, buy some breakfast and meet me at my cousin's place. Some calculation in my head, I would be ok to finish desired distance without ever reaching home on foot.

Thanks to the hazey morning, the sun was not up my head but, gives me severe throat discomfort, and unlike Sunday morning where traffic was controlled, Saturday is busy with mainly big lorries. By the time I reached Batu Caves, I was mostly walking, due to pain in the right knee. Man, was I glad to reach the Samudra neighboourhood. I ran slowly through the secondary road, passed the onlookers having their nasi lemak, and reached cousin's place at 10.40 a.m. 

Now I know how long the battle is for (TOF) 32km. I need to come up with an extended version of the battle for the remaining 10km pulak next week. 

Tomorrow will be easy as I will go for the SCKLM 3rd Clinic. Surely cannot even do a 10km, we'll see if the plan changes in the evening.


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