SCKLM Training - Saturday, 20/06/09

Heat stroke from running along Corniche in A.D., and the jet-lag still left me not able to wake up for my run. I have in fact promised Iris for a run and an ice-cream today, so we brought it to the evening, running at KLCC park.

Needless to say, there were lots of serious runners in their many different races' vests, lookig furious and finishing off their trainings prior to SCKLM.

After a week-absence of running, I just had a fast 5km in 28 mins, stretched, cool down and went home. Wifey was going to belanja makan for the Father's Day.

Right knee feeling good, and breathing was good, thanks to the many whatever food in UAE for the past week. And Iris finished her first 1.3km with wifey... Well done, princess...


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