Simple thing turn bad

Bloody hell, rupanya my alarm clock tak bunyi... apparently this whole week. Patutlah I haven't been getting up early for gym and runs this last week. And I have been blaming on fatigue from the travels.

Missed my LSD again today. Just had 12km at Kepong in the blazing heat.

Need to buy an alarm clock.


pls don't buy the digital one. beli yang gabak with the bells on top ... the p.ramlee version...
Fi-sha said…
Dear Syah

Yes, I 100% agrees with Bro PT CA hehheheh

p.s. i once had a kitty alarm clock that got everybody waking up at 5 every day since everyone was looking for the lost kitty :)
amsyah said…
I suppose so... i missed my old cuckooing clock

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