Summary, Week 2, June 2009

The whole day was spent in LEED Technical meeting and Workshops, going through all the stuff only related to people in m line of profession, so let's skip it.
I packed my gym back with a hope to run around Putrajaya after 5 p.m., which I still could do after the Workshop, and before going to KLIA, but no... the workshop went on until 7 p.m., and I had only litle time to get my butt to KLIA, let alone run...
Went to the airport, checked-in, and get caught up with a massive queue over security and health screening desk. We only managed to arrive at the lounge with 20 minutes to spare before our departure. That was used to power-dinner and quick shower, and we went into the hall, and straight into the plane. I can now start to understand how my boss does it every few days of his travels.
We spent 8 hours catching up with movies, as sleep was not an option knowing that we shall arrive in Abu Dhabi at 2 a.m. and I don't want to be not fresh for rows of meetings lined up the next morning. We were in the same flight with Azim and Azmil from ATSA, and Manan and Amir from Khairi Consult, but then we were all too snos to talk to each other... heheheh
6 movies later, we bunked as soon as we reached our room.
2 days afterwards, we were doing many follow-ups, presentation etc etc and that took most of our time during the day. At night, we were busy socialising with few potential clients, and shopping (the EDTs and EDPs are way cheaper than the duty-free shops).
On the last day, we had a window of few hours after our meeting with MASDAR, which I took it to the road. I was extremely worried that I would be pulled away for running with my shorts, but luckily the moment I hit the riverside (along Corniche Side) there were lots of foreign expats running, so I was fine, or else I'd be sending this from my cell.
I arrived home Thursday around 4, picked Iris up, went to Pasar Malam and the time I reached home, I passed out until 11 p.m. leaving Iris on her own. I woke briefly when Iris came to me and curled within my arms while watching Hagemaru, but the rest was a blur, which I think was mostly due to the heat from running at 5, and not being able to sleep on my way back.
Needless to say, this whole week my trainings are, non-existence. SCKLM is one week to go, and I am gathering all the mental strength I could as I move forward. Will do a shorter 14km this weekend as I taper off, or what's left of it...


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