Bukit Antarabangsa Run

I promised Freya to crash this run in honoring her last weeks in KL, although I was a little hesitant, having ran the Men's Health Run the night before. And being a cheapskate and overly selective of runs nowadays, an entry fee of RM35 for a short 7.5km run is beyond me. I seriously doubt they have a glorious goodie bag like Men's Health's. Freya was coaxed to run, as I convinced her that she'll win prize money to compensate the fee she would have to pay. I know my friend is a fast runner.

Went to pick Freya at Melati LRTaround 6.30, and we arrived at the site around 6.45 in a slight drizzle, and cold too. The race was suppose to start at 7, but it soon rained heavily and pushed it to 7.30a.m. All runners were confined at the Petronas (around 200 total, half made of school kids). I was the only one guy standing without a bib, and attracted a lot of attention since Freya is the only 'kwai-loh' around. I just prayed no officials would prohibit m from running, after the harsh denial of comfy duvet and plush pillow at home in this cold and wet morning.

They finally arranged the gantry at 7.40a.m. and all runners came down to the holding area despite the drizzle. I figured that it will be good, like many other runs in the rain before. Alongside the gantry were stalls, which includes the Bomba tent with pics of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide, rescue effort etc, and the St. John Ambulans (who came in full force to cook the nasi lemak and sambal in a kawah. They were de-shelling the shallots etc by the time we were gunned off).

7.45 a.m., we were off. I did not have a chance to review the route but went on. As Freya was nowhere to be seen, chasing the prize money, I started off good with the cold drizzle (lucky I brought my cap along) and we were awarded with a good 1km of downhill and everyone was going at it. We zoomed down quickly, and made few downhill turns before we climb few painstaking hills at Oakleaf, Kyoto Gardens and Bukit Utama.

We passed the landslide area, looking rather eery, and feeling wierd at the same time. I used to stay in Bukit Utama years ago, and driving past the big houses then with envy is now replaced with empathy. Gone are the houses with super cars (I heard at the end of the run, that the committee announced the payouts for the victims are the biggest ever - wonder how much these families gets). OK, will save the property analysis in another blog.

I was long drawn to a walk-run strategy on hill climbs, but since we were making a loop at Bukit Utama (near Casa del Sol) and coming down the path we came up earlier was a pure fun of sprinting. I made full use and opened long strides. We made a final left turn, and climbed up a big hill that tore my butts apart, and dashed just before the peak where I know the Petronas/Giant is located, and sprinted home. Finished the run in 0:36:14.

I later found out, had I registered, I would be in the top 30 and to collect a medal and some New Balance vouchers. But then again, all the elite runners did not join this event anyway, so that does not count as an achievement...:D

Freya was at the gantry, and she held on her neck a no. 2. Great job! We waited for Uncle Ooi and Ali to return from their 2.5km walk and had a group photo (should get a copy of that).

We hanged around to wait for the prize giving ceremony, and to wait for the nasi lemak to be ready. But after Freya collected her money (RM200) and RM500-worth of New Balance voucher, and collected her sad, sad goodie bag (a mineral water, a certificate and some leaflets - the nasi lemak is still not ready. We headed off to the office, and call it a day.

All in all, it had been a good hill run, I definitely will do it as part of my TUT/Run routine in preparing for SCSM'09, only that I have to be there earlier, coz it does look a little lonely (read : scary) to run there by myself.


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