Kota Bharu, 22 July 2009

Was in KBR on Wednesday for a Site Meeting. We arrived at 8a.m. with Firefly, and immediately resumed to Tengku's favourite 'nasi berlauk' kopitiam along Jalan Pengkalan Chepa. They scoffed at me not having a nasi berlauk, and opted for 2 half-boiled eggs instead (I later regretted that little breakfast due to long meeting and inspections).

When you have breakfast with a royalite, and handful of brawn building contractors, being a health-conscious freak didn't help at all.

We finished everything, with quick lunch at 2p.m., when wifey texted me to look at some clothes for her baju raya. I haven't been to the Pasar for years, and the prospect of going alone and find the kain batik chiffon (as she put it) let the peluh jantan out of me. I quickly called my mum, and she directed me to certain directions. Phew, thanks mama.

choices, choices (tepuk wallet je tanya...)

I was at the Pasar, and made my tour to the endless stalls of fabrics. It was so easy to get lost in those endless rows. And I was in my office attire, and a roll of drawings with me, clearly not looking like any particular Kelantanese at all (and with my height and all). The bargains we made were not good at first, but when they learnt that I spoke their language (yes Nik, kawe oghe Kelate), suddenly the prices dropped two-fold.

I walked away with my wife's lilac and purple batik chiffon, and a Kelantan sampin songket (both at RM300) after some fierce bargaining. Walked to the taxi stand and took a cab home to mama's house.

At home, after one year (not a good statesman, eh), rambutan was in full season. So, we headed to the trees, knowing I have to leave for the airport in an hour. We had some mangosteen too, but I was out of time. Mama and my dear grandmother cooked some of my favourite dishes (kerabu kerisek jantung pisang among others) and packed some durians (which later failed to make the flight due to its too strong smell), and I was on my way to the airport again.

Such a short trip. We'll be coming back for the Hari Raya this year, and hope the durians will hold out.


I went to KB two years ago for a shoot and bought several baju batik home for my mom and aunt. Unfortunately I was sick while I was there, thanks to the sup gearbox which they convinced me to try.
amsyah said…
oh too bad. hope that didn't hamper the idea of going again sometime... its a good place to be around (provided if I balik that often lah)

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