Men's Health Night Run (Putrajaya), July 2009

We went to Putrajaya around 6.30 p.m., and that already felt like a weird trip. Usually I would be 'flying' to Putrajaya with 30 minutes behind meetings.

Knowing myself well around PjC complex, I went to wait for my prayers in the Surau (jam-packed), and went to the kandang at 7.40p.m. after few minutes of warm-ups. We were gunned off at 7.58p.m. (my time) and off we went. My first time running in Putrajaya among the familiar buildings, I went on OK towards the PJCC. It felt like going at it in Penang last year, when you see the central masts but took forever to reach. PJCC last night was that monster.

There were few minor climbs, but the course was relatively flat. The limited crowd they claimed to have last night, was quite young and fast. I went on with my pace, and reached behind PJCC in 20 minutes. Doing fine, but I felt an onset of cramps on my left calf coming. Dammit. Ini lah bahana takde preparation...

1) I didn't eat dinner
2) I didn't take ORS
3) I didn't practice! duh!
4) I only had few gulps of water after my afternoon nap

Went on, but walked a few times. Something about night running that I am not used to - too humid. Coupled with my ultra-malas, I even stopped for water (understandably dehydrated). I should have brought those asam boi...

From PJCC, we went through the bridge, into the highway. Thanks to Sleepy Hollow Putrajaya town, the traffic we stopped was not severe. We came into Wawasan Bridge, Rahman came to say hello and left me just before the back road of PjC and U-turned into the Boulevard again, into the final sprint. I finished in 1:09:43. Boleh, lah. Not as good as the PD International last year but dah malas training, itulah dia.

I was quite dissapointed with the Revive counter with its loooooooong q, where in the end people crashed to grab the cold drink like non-civilised cannibals. Drinks were very limited, and sadly to say, I was very annoyed. Luckily wifey has some cold drinks she got before the crowd, and we had some drinks under the bright PjC's steel arch.

Dinner, even I was reluctant to take, I assume is important for the Bukit Antarabangsa Run tomorrow. I went on to order a cold Milo which left me bloated. I was in terrible mess preparing for tomorrow's battle. The nasi goreng had to be forced in as my tekak could not handle them. I was really eating on a pretext of I am running again next morning, whereby a big meal after a run is not a prerequisite, even necessity.

This whole thing sort of left me confused, even I didn't do my rituals like I always do but I would assume that Sundowners are quite familiar with this. But all in all, I have since enjoyed the Men's Health Run, thanks to its generous goodies bag (we even get a free condom pack of 3). So yes, next year is a must (mesti mau training, lah).


I hate going into a race unprepared. Its so demoralising, especially when people are passing you (like the seniors) while you think your feet are moving but you feel like sh**. Better run next time. 1:09 is pretty decent timing but more times than not, its not the timing but more about how we feel when we run. Betul tak?

BTW, muscles cramps are caused by dehydration, my friend. Make sure you drink plenty before starting any run, particularly a race.
amsyah said…
lessons well-learnt - thanks. Need to slap my face all over as the SCSM approaches
CheRaMicHe said…
talking bout excited, i started 30min late! yes, bit humid that nite, but its easier than siemens rite? nevertheless, it was fun but only to find there were not a single bottle of Revive left when i arrived. hope to bump into you in one of the coming races :)

oh well .... I guess that's what we, the full marathoners, tend to do when we run in 10ks. We take it real easy but the fact is, it is tough .. tough coz we were trying to 'sprint' the entire 10km. :( Syah, hate to say that I am like that. I went for that 10km with hardly any training, no dinner, no ORS, no guards etc. I could have done better. So this adidas thingy, pls train. See you this weekend.
amsyah said…
che : it definitely was easier than Siemens - what without the killer hills. See you in adidas this wiken?

Ian : Sprint was the correct word - the word pacing out the window... sempat ke nak training for adidas... LSD tarak heheh. see you this weekend

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