Siemens Run, 2009

My 2nd 10k this year after the Orange Run (walaupun sebagai pirate sahaja), and the 1st after the full marathon. I must say that I do enjoy 10k runs. This was my first time returning to the killer hills of Bukit Tunku.

I forgot how taxing it was.

Last week, few colleagues contemplate to join me in the race (i.e. crash the race), but only Michael turned up that morning at our rendezvous place. Met Ian who was waiting for his Clients. In the car, Iris was sleeping, and wifey was waiting for her to wake up and join the carnival later.

The run started at 7.30 a.m.'s bell from the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad's old clock, and we were charging the tarmac. It is worth saying that the crowd has grown considerably, even from last year alone. I can't help but to wonder what the crowd was like 5 years ago.

Michael was already sprinting ahead, as though to show me who's the boss after I ditched him running down Laban Rata only a week ago, but I resisted chasing for him. My heavy breath was in tatters, evidently because I have not been doing a single run last week upon KK (sore calves and hamstring). I have also been, err... indulging post SCKLM, and missed my gyms. So, I looked down, paced myself and just got on going.

The first 4k was easy, and as I said, I have forgotten how demanding the hills are, and the urge to walk was so tempting, but I couldn't compromise the blazing Siemens 2008 I had (PR for 10k so far). Al of a sudden, we reached the Wisma Tani stretch, and soon I know will be Jalan Parlimen. And I could hear the merriment on the other side of the road in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Arriving here and running on the flats were very fast, and I looked at my watch. I was doing 0:45 at the U-turn at Wisma Cycle Carriage. Good enough...

Caught on Michael walking on the last 500m, and we sprinted to the finish line together. Finished at whatever the number (no medal of course, at 0:56:45. Boleh, lah...

Next will be the Men's Health Night Run in Putrajaya next Saturday. Hopefully my Putrajaya Clients will be having dinner quietly in their homes. After that will be the Adidas King of the Road on Sunday, 02 August 2009. Looking for a group I could join running the Rat Race 2009. Anyone?


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