Wake up!

What a busy 2 weeks had it been.

Our project in KBR is nearing completion, which means more regular and frequent site inspections are pressing, and the Penang Army Cam is gearing up for Tender. Dealing with questionnaires alone buried me in paperworks. 2 colleagues is on long break to study for Professional papers, and we have to 'cover-line'.

There have a barrage of cupcakes orders (Lian See's birthdays, Celine's etc etc), that challenged my *ehem* artistic hands. I was oftn up at 3 a.m. decorating cups, drawing magnolias etc.

I have been slacking in my run. Frankly, after Mount Kinabalu and the glorious run downhill, I had not been running these 2 whole weeks, with an exception of the Siemens last weekend. I have all the gears ready in the car, but never get to drag my heavy feet to the park. I was either too tired, and simply too malas. One annoying thing about me is that, if I don't start at any prescribed day, I'd wait for the next prescribed day, next week. Stupid as it sounds, it annoys me to the max.

I have the Men's Health Night Run tonight. Wifey and Iris are coming too. And tomorrow, I promised Freya to crash the Bukit Antarabangsa Run in the morning. Hopefuly I could wake up and tackle the unforgiving Bukit Antarabangsa. The main reason me agreeing to the idea is because I want to use it as my training ground for SCSM '09.

We'll see if I survive those.


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