Week's Run towards Adidas KOTR

Adidas KOTR is coming this weekend, and I am under-trained. I seriously consider collecting my vest and sleep quietly on Sunday morning, and from the experience of last year's participation, I could '*harith' my way out of it and bluff people that I actually ran the half marathon.

But I am no Harith - a friend who tell stories of make-beliefs about his 'pre-supposed' trip to Beijing, or his gorgeous doctor-sister in JB who is still single etc, but nonetheless a visionary when he 'harith-ed' his way and told people his laptop was thumb-print activated in the year of 1998.

I went to collect the vest etc on Tuesday around 2p.m., passing Shah Alam from my Subang meeting, and I was awarded with a 90-minutes queue. (1) they did not have bulk-collection counter, (2) they did not have categories' distribution counter where all runners queued in one long queue, and (3) we can't touch, feel and try our vests for sizes etc. I have been using M-sized vests for quite a while now, and later found it is a bit too small for me.

Regardless, I will turn up this coming Sunday, rain or shine. Friends who have been inspired will also come together - Yon, Mariana, Azlan, and not-surprisingly Harith (we made him to drive us there, so to be sure he would actually be in the race).

Prior to the race, I tested 'my wind' at KLCC on Tuesday, and felt good for the 6.5km I did with Azlan. Went to Kepong Metro on Wednesday, and completed 8km. Will rest Thursday, and will run lightly on Friday after work. Rest Saturday, and akan belasah saja lah on Sunday. Have my asam boi, and gels for the run. I am ready as I will ever be.


harith sudah menjadi verb dan adjective, begitulah besarnya pengaruh harith dalam kehidupan rakan-rakannya, hahahahahaha!

and oh, selamat berlari hari ahad ni!
amsyah said…
amazing sunggoh pengaruh dia. and he is on FB now... wonder if he know about his secret fan club...

bila nak join we all lari2?
join lari? i'm kinda crazy about swimming now, hehe.
amsyah said…
cool... is the instructor good? Am in search for one too (swimming burns more fat, lah)

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