Weigh-in, 06/07/09

Running, I found is amazing.

I mean, I am thankful that it is, coz I ate the whole world for the last 3 weeks (ok, too dramatic, but relatively). Few days in UAE saw a lot of briyanis, goat cheese, endless curries, shawarmas etc. The entire carbo-loading week was, well, anything goes. I remembered the many chocolate and vanilla cupcakes I had, few social visits etc. And the entire 7 days after SCKLM was, again, anything goes. I am after all, one of the mortals walking around my daily routines, nothing special (funny how finishing a marathon makes me feel otherwise).

Last weekend, I indulged on wifey's cekodok pisang, like half the plate (yum!), tomyams, etc, bubur durian (pergh!), even home-made lasagna. 3 big meals per day way the order of the day, lah senang katakan, with nasi all the way (yeah, that includes breakfast).

Wifey was delighted seeing me wih the food for a change (yeah, she started to become suspicious already seeing me with the chicks), and I was just happily lazy avoiding my gym for the entire 3 weeks.

Today, went to the gym for the first time, and had a very lazy full-body work-out (ok, i withdraw that - some presses, staggered pulls and abs does not qualify for that). Sort of a geli-geli warm-up, coz I know I have to get back in shape for the Kinabalu hike this Thursday. Or else I'll be wayyyyy to comfortable, and may not even make it to Laban Rata Base Camp.

Met Wan, who is also malas-malasing around doing few reps and went to shower.

After the workout, went to the scale and I remember teling myself not to go beyong 90kg this time (masih lagi rasa bersalah for the over indulgence on lasagna). Surprisingly, it stopped at 81.3kg. I stood in disbelief, and thought that the scale is telling me that all the food I had was ok. Damn you, scale!

O well, mebbe I have lost some muscle from all the runs which is OK. But I see now how powerful running can be in me maintaining my weight. Why didn't my PE teacher told me about this last time? I think I would go to schools and advocate this information to the obese kids, starting with my daughter first... hehehhehe

Thank God it's the running that's addictive where I could go and run for free anywhere. If I have the same perception for personal training and gyms, I'll be working just to pay for these (no offense, Ian).

So, OK, that's good (phew...), will go running today at the park with Azlan, Martin and Freya (who is also been relaxing after her first half-marathon last Sunday).


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