What next?

It has been almost a week since that invigorating marathon, I have been laying low on a pretext of resting fully. I have had a very good run at Kepong on Tuesday (4k loop, 17mins - kalau le boleh hold that for another 9 loops...), and ditched Thursday run when it rained.

I have also shied away from the gym since. Effectively, I have wasted 3 weeks of gym membership. That's not good.

And I have been eating quite loosely this week (again, on the pretext of resting), mostly thanks to my mum who is visiting (who can resist mum's cooking?)

So, next week I shall return to the weights, with more supersets and more weights - this will be 5 days/week. Will resume running 4 days/week, now focusing more on doing multiple HIIT and TUT (mainly to prepare for Adidas KOTR) as Siemens and Men's Health coming fast. Since more mates found out that I have been running, some signed up too and betting that I cannot finish after them, so have to save face, lah.

Am seriously thinking about swimming, depending on whether I have some money left to spare (or rather whether my Finance Minister would approve).


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