Memang Jahanam!

Yesterday, some workers of Ocean Fresh in Bandar Peramu, Kuantan stumbled upon a startling and rather gruesome discovery - a monitor lizard was having breakfast on a dead baby. It was reported that the poor baby was left with a head and the right arm. I googled in few blogs and found few photos, but too saddened and sick to put into mine.

I was in tears.

Over the last few years there have been a lot of cases involving dead babies. The one story before this most recent death, was a newborn died after being drowned by its own (f**king) mother in a pail of water in a toilet. Allah is fair, that the mother also died of excessive bleeding etc. I am not saying she deserved that, but the baby definitely did not deserve his/her.

What have we become? How would we feel if we were dumped by our own parents? I would be devastated, heartbroken, let alone to be killed by my own.

Amazingly, over the years, I have not heard any of these supposedly-sexually active young people who thinks free casual sex is the in-thing now, being captured and punished.

I pledge, if any of the personnel of Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara happen to read this, please bring it to the management that thumbprints alone are not adequate when people do their IC. We need DNA prints, iris scans, dental records etc. It is time we do these innocent babies some justice.

I can't help but to worry, in what kind of environment am I bringing up my kids. What a f**ked up world it is today.


We have turned into animals. That what we have become.
i went to see radin and isem's newborn baby yesterday, and while i was staring at that neat row of babies in front of me, i said to gm how i don't get why ppl throw away their babies.

babies wake up that part of you you never thought you have, that protective loving nurturing bit, which is admittedly quite scary, but wholesome.

if these buggers don't want their babies, can't they at least give them away? binatang pun pandai jaga anak.
Ahmad Sharidan said…

Akta DNA sedang dibentang di Parlimen.
Dental Records - berapa ramai orang Malaysia yang periksa gigi setiap tahun?
Iris, thumb print, blood veins dan lain-lain lagi identifikasi biometrik semua telah dan sedang diselidik dan dibuat penilaian. Masalahnya kos dan banyak lagi. Logistik, cara penyimpanan dokumen (blood sample, file dan lain-lain), terma, tempoh simpan, kebarangkalian dan segala macam mak nenek lagi yang perlu diambil kira. So, ambil masa.

U.S. of A pun takde nak buat macam kita lagi. Alah, Singapore sebelah bawah sana pun takde nak buat tahap kita lagi juga. Kadang-kadang kita fikir semuanya mudah tapi hakikatnya tidak. Teknologi MyKad yang ada sekarang adalah teknologi 10 tahun lepas. Sekarang, hampir semua teknologi tersebut boleh diciplak oleh orang jahat.

Akhirnya ia bergantung kepada kerajaan. Setakat mana mereka mahu melakukannya.
amsyah said…
Kash : Animals indeed. Dasyat

Ayien : We all know that dumping babies is not new, i.e the orang Mesir dah buang their sons in fear for the birth of Nabi Musa, and Indians dumped their daughters in fear of her slavery future. But killing babies out of lust is exclusively Malaysian? Kita Boleh!
amsyah said…
Ahmad Sharidan : terima kasih singgah to my blog, ada jugak orang Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara membaca... and thanks for sharing about DNA etc. It is awful to think that we Malaysians kurang pegi dentist for regular check-ups... :).

Memang betul what you said, tapi kita being Malaysians, memang kurang sedikit bahagian enforcement nye. tapi yang kagumnya, bila ada deadlines utk renew lesen, bayar saman, buat IC baru etc, laju je pegi buat cepat cepat. Ambil masa, memang setuju, tapi kena lah mula from somewhere kot...

Harap nye Kerajaan Malaysia buat keputusan bijak, bukan ikut je apa orang lain dah buat, tapi berani buat teknologi baru. Wallahualam... peace... Kami sokong lah

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