The new plan (delayed entry)

The past week, all my runs were kacau-bilau. No thanks to the fact that Ramadhan is approaching, and the Malas-ness at its peak, there were many times I put on my running gear, and ended up at my baby-sitter's place instead.

By last Saturday, I was picking up 'the wind', and was looking forward for the LSD on Sunday.

It rained. I went back to sleep. Went around to do stuff, and thought of doing an evening run.

It rained again.

The 'M' bug in me cheered with joy and leaped in delight.

I thought this is not to continue. Mana boleh jadi...

So Monday, I thought of trying something new - divide the routine required per day in 2 sessions. Do 2/3 of it in the morning, and finish-off the remaining 1/3 in the evening. Worst case scenario, the rain will ruin 1/3 of my daily requirement (don't think I could finish or have time for a full 13k in a morning tho).

Had a good 5k run Monday morning.

I'll see the first trial run tomorrow.


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