poker faces

"our profession goes everyday very much like playing poker... you must be willing to win it all, or to lose it all"

This was the conversation I had with the BigBoss earlier when discussing about how our current project faces the uncertainty of beig permanently shelved. This project in Putrajaya, one of our biggest account, is what the BigBoss calls his 'recession baby'. This is also his personal stamp in Malaysia's goverment capital.

OK, I too fantasise of driving past it one day and unrelentlessly plays over all the stories to my kids etc. Ain't that a legacy you would want to be associated with?

This commercial project which we have been toiling, crapping, making models, designs etc for almost 2 years suddenly halted after Board's concerns of its massive GFA (gross floor area) and remoteness off other comercial projects.

So, now, in between design rush in the office, and rushing in my car to get home for buka puasa, I have conceptualised a new design direction, and we were talking about the risks we are about to take. We have a major presentation to the CEO in 2 weeks time (rugi la meeting bulan puasa, takde mihun goreng and bottomless tea), and BigBoss is going all out.

Some inspirations you'd ant to see from your own CEO, eh... these moments reminds me of how blessed I am to be under his wing (of course when he nags all day and all night, all month long, heheheh).

So, we are playing poker now, and putting all our bets on the table.

The Client could call our bluff (project get shelved, I have to find another job, change my car, eat grass everyday), or we'll realise that we have a royal flush, and get the project moving (me and team secures the job for another few years, get to keep the car, travelling next year is still OK, I can afford to eat some warm white rice, pays for our life etc).

But the new design is way better than the last one. We think we will call their bluff this time.


since when are they concerned about GFA in putrajaya?
amsyah said…
since they realise that they are building too much, too fast
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
If you ask a hardcore runner like Kash, she'll say "foker PACE", instead of Poker Face. Heheh.

(kash, jgn marah aaa)
amsyah said…
Nik : heheheh, ye ke?

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