Trying a new routine

As planned, went to KLCC in the morning and ran a quick 5.5k.

This was sort of romancing the morning runs, since I have been running evenings lately (except for events), and seeing all the familiar faces was somewhat comforting. But many are still missing post SCKLM'09.

Ran to the car (literally), and went to the gym, 45 mins, shower and straight to the office.

*Phew! nasib baik office dekat, kot kena dekat Cyberjaya ke, muntah laa

In the evening, quickly drove to Kepong as it started to rain (darn!) with pure faith that the rain will subside by the time I reach there, so I could complete this trial (and re-instill this faith in me etc etc). The rain turned out to be a freaking storm.

Arrived at the park, and ended up waiting for a good 45 mins before I could safely exit the car and have a quick 4k run. It was drizzling still, but thanks to my trusted cap, the distance was completed in a jiffy.

Mission successful! But whether or not it's helpful or beneficial wil be debatable. I'll know if the training is enough for Northface later in October. At least Ed Eyestone of Runner's World seem to think that the distance covered is good to rake in the necessary mileage, and encourage more speed (read article : Double Duty).

Tapi pagi tu memang terkejar-kejar lah sikit... Nak kena cari motor kapcai lah ni, to help with traffic and parking fees...


Did I hear Northface in the works? Woot! woot!
amsyah said…
yeah... Northface in the works! Going with super-guru and ever-intimidating (phew) Ian. catch you there, kash?
Oh Ian dah racun you? Hahaha best. Maybe we meet to carbo load aka alasan-makan-banyak with my brother too.

See ya!
amsyah said…
makan banyak-banyak memang cadangan yang bagus...

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