Week 1 - I am just human

My legs were very stiff today. I was driving to Kepong Metro, but U-turned after feeling funny in the quads. I was cursing, as yesterday's run was perfectly fine.

Driving back, I was playing what I did yesterday, between after the run to this run in the morning. Then it hit me, one of my main vices - pulut kuning (with chicken curry). I knew it, i bloody knew it... I shouldn't have, but I did.

Today was suppose to be a quick 16km LSD, but it did not happen. Week 1 - not a good start. Been running Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, building up the mileage.

I have yet to be one with MRR2 again, with fear that it is dangerous somehow, realising now how fragile we all are, but I'll gain that confidence again soon, and be running it again, and possibly DUKE too.

I arrived home to pay my due to my car and wash the beast after the long-awaited one many moons ago. He is now one handsome beast...

And I passed out most of the day due to ubat batuk and selesema (not feeling well too) and feeling all woozy.


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