Magical Man

The rave at the moment. So what? People could go on and gorge themselves silly and this guy is our redemption? Life is that easy nowadays?

JUS MATE 5 - Terbukti berulang kali, TERBAIK!!!

No.1 paling berkesan
Mate 5 paling laris!!!
bertindak mengurangkan berat badan tanpa rasa lapar, keletihan, senaman, kesakitan & tiada kegemukan semula
100% semulajadi selamat

I lost the weights I want to lose in a stretch of a good a year and a half now, and I could testify that it is NOT easy. It is fun throughout the encounter of losing every pounds, then lamenting about the plateaus, rearranging diets, trying new exercises, etc. At least I went through (still am) an adventure in taking myself all crazy and fun, well at least much more fun than scurrying my way into the kitchen for my drug cabinet...

I said it - losing weights ain't easy peasy lemony squeezy. For me, it means tonnes of dedication and discipline. Still I am not there yet with so many pounds extra. But I figured this new lifestyle is a long term commitment, therefore I played this mantra over and over again as I hammered the tarmac, and lift those weights.

Yet, Dr. Che Rozmey (catchy) of Herba Prima Marketing makes it sounds so chippy, and sums up the show The Biggest Loser on us (err, on me?) with weight loss of 30-40 kilos in 2-3 months.

WOW, I said... I wish life is that easy. Put a pill into the microwave oven and woosh! out came the roasted chicken.

Life is NEVER easy.

Oh, and also few America's Biggest Losers on the show gained their pounds back and more after a year of the show. Right now, Dr. Che Rozmey is riding high. And his marketing plan seems to be quite alluring. I might as well join to get extra money, and show them my before and after mug shots, eh... after all, his (ehem!) intention is to keep us all below the yellow line, no?

Sadly to say, this is another ride to manipulate people. People who are so engorged in our wonderful Malaysia way of glorious food, overly sweet teh tarik, extra oily nasi lemak and the whole lot; and yet again refuses to take care of themselves. I am not a preacher, but enough to know the bad things are in fact, bad things.

So people, as Dr. Che Rozmey assures you that it is okay to sleep the lemangs to sleep, or sips the kuah nasi dagang by the straw etc and don't forget your magic pills... just know that we are all unique, and regular exercise and balanced meal are key.

He implied, I do not.


Julin Julai said…
MENGARUT is what i say
amsyah said…
totally MENGARUT...
someone should call his bluff.
CheRaMicHe said…
couldn't agree more.. esp this part -losing weights ain't easy peasy lemony squeezy-

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