P.O.R. - Running (and walking) up Nuang

When Ian of Corporate Athletes informed me of this training in lieu with the upcoming TNF100, without hesitation I jumped in with vivid images of pure fun hopping off stones, and storming down Mount Kinabalu back in July.

Few friends from the blogosphere, namely Kash (who is heading for TNF too) & hubby Rais, Nik, Day-O (heading to the wonderful heights of the Everest), Shaqi and Che (jumpstarting for Genting Trailblazer), together with Ian gathered at the entrance, and many of us have never met beyond our blogspace...

As expected, the run uphills were tough on my chest and quads, and the run downhills were somewhat like fleeting images of so many good things all at once. The trail interlaces with many cold streams, and thanks to experienced guides, we were off and arrived back at the base just before 10.00 a.m.

Meraikan ketibaan at Lolo Camp

Well, as other fellow friends have already posted their reports here, here and here, I just want to highlight that I have truly enjoyed the run/walk/hike up to Lolo Camp, and the great company of fellow runners, whose progress I once read in their personal blog space. That day, we were running side by side, and sharing jokes. I also learned that Nik was my junior in high school. In fact, now that he mentioned it, I think I have some old pics somewhere... who would have thought, huh.

The photographer was faster - waiting way upfront to take some shots

Geng Bas Sekolah

It was a perfect Sunday morning, and the best excuse for a mindless breakfast; and kudos to Corporate Athletes for organising and wonderful sandwiches. Ian is saying there will be a subsequent P.O.R coming next Sunday, probably in Kepong.

Can't wait.


Kepong boleh tak keep to next weekend? This week I cant go lah, unless its Saturday? :)

You were fast lah bro!
amsyah said…
Saturday is OK with me - will check with Ian. Putrajaya 70.3, kan?

Thanks, I takut kena rotan by Ian... heheheh
CheRaMicHe said…
hehe.. saturday we suppose to go for a recce first. unless u guys wanna go hentam-sajalah-labu run, then boleh kot? let wait what bro Ian will say?

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