Adik Aaliyah Aiman Hussein Abdullah

I was caught wiping my tears at a car service's outlet this morning (while reading the yesterday's Metro). Sorry I have to start an entry like this, but this is another sad episode and I cannot contain it within me. I now have to find a new car service centre, or that lady has to find a new job!

Anyway, in the cover of Metro, a picture of a baby girl, Aaliyah Aiman Hussein Abdullah looked brutally abused. My heart crashed! I immediately imagined an image of my baby princess, and I wouldn't even dare to imagine to 'jentik' her at all, let alone abuse her. How could this happen? Do people lose their heart and compassion, so much so they are now above the law? Weren't they educated enough to know the rights and the wrongs?

Adik Aaliyah was reported to be abused, raped and sodomised by her mother's Sudanese boyfriend. At that point I can't hold my tears, and in front of the free nasi lemak and nescafe ais nipis, I let go (this was when the girl looked, err... stared at me). The girl was 3 years old, for freaking out loud! What dickless mind could he, coward and bloody bastard at one, do something as evil as that to a baby girl. I have so many things I couldn't say as it may be a 'fitnah', but what the hell is a 24-year old Muslim-janda do living with a boyfriend? As I said, so many slander-biased issues.

No matter what the mother does with her boyfriend is her business, and between her and the Almighty, but when it comes at the expenses of an innocent child, that is just plain brutal. What have become to our society these days?

I may be speaking naively to the fact that they might have other problems with whatever, but kids are priceless gift. Anyway, enough said. The issue here is, one innocent child is lost. When and how can we stop this? On another note, another 1 1/5-year old baby girl died in Singapore after being kicked by HER own father, after the guy came home to see her playing and tore his cigarettes apart. OK, I stopped smoking, and what I did with my ciggs were not the point. Never mind what this Singaporean father might think, i.e. bloody hell, rokok kat Singapore ni mahal la wei...), but to kill your own flesh and blood over SGD6 packet of cigarette? He ought to be locked in an asylum! But hey, I am not a prosecutor, just felt sorry for his kid.

Now we have these kind of news every now and then, but I always wonder what happened to the culprit. I hope adik Aaliyah Aiman did not die in vain. Regardless, she is with the Almighty now.

Perhaps when Iris is old enough to know how to read and understand what's written here, she'll appreciate my love for her.

May Allah bless adik Aaliyah's soul.


CheRaMicHe said…
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CheRaMicHe said…

CheRaMicHe said...

Al-fatihah for adik Aaliyah. So sad la..
But Allah knows best, and loves her more.
Sharif John said…
Oh no... what an animal...

P.S I haven't read the papers all week!!
ahmed said…
I am really sad with what happend... kill who a baby...
by the way I am not malaysian but I plame malaysian governoment who allow all those african nigro growing here like ants ... they dont just kill that child they kill many with direct or indirect way.. they make magic illigal money or (white money) they sell drug they do all bad thing that u can expect... so the thing is like that... governoment should ask police to check those people everywhere like they do for bagla worker ( the diff is we dont even hear a crime from bagla or if it happend is rarely do) kick thier ass out if they nt really come for study
Life a Shaq said…
that bloody basterd, that guy should be hang while stone to death,
The maniac should be tortured exactly the same way until he dies!
daniel said…
what the fuck!!i just cant imagine that!what is wrong with the fuckin people nowadays!!for me..i think if u cant really stand to fuck a girl why dont u just go and pick any of the hooker outside there and fuck them till u die with fuckin HIV!!gross!!
i think that fucker is just worst than animal!!fuckin bicth!god!!
if ever that guy got caught,i would love to say that,he should die in a very cruel way!


Mauve said…
Hey, I knew the child and the parents. I can't believe a person can do this. I really hate this guy and I hope he they torture him till he dies and he burns in hell forever. I can't stop thinkig of baby aaliyah everyday, and crying. My heart goes out to Eli...We pray for you everyday. And people, can we please not be racist about this issue, blame the person, not his race, not the Malaysian Government. I am an African in Malaysia and I really don't see the need to hate each other as a race. As for that guy, I hope they peel off his skin and stone him to death. He's doesn't deserve to breathe.

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