The Blues

I am feeling a lot restless now. I have zero road running mileage since last week's Monday, and with few trips up north scattered this week and the next, my mileage build-up will definitely suffer.

I miss running, the rush in he morning to the park, and to the gym, or evening part, hiding under my desk when my Boss buzzed me, and quickly ran to the car and sped off (tu kira warm up lah tu), and run my heart out, picked my daughter, and enjoyed Geng Bas Sekolah with her on Astro Ceria.

Truth be told, my mind is splattered all over the wall - racing through the next course of Strength Training regimes, open house invitations, weddings, baby showers, scary thoughts of stuck in traffic to get to these places, TNF trainings etc. It sounded as if I am complaining, but I am not. I am swarmed with work, and I need to get running to let off steam. It has been forever since I trudged the MRR2 towards Kepong and back, and I have yet to do the DUKE on my LSD. Even LSD is non-existence now. Yes... sad.

No, it's pathetic!

Sometimes things when grouped together can be a little too overwhelming. Maybe when Syawal leaves us this year, things will be a lot easier.

Syawal also seems to make my weight loss program a joke. I constantly find myself touching my love handles for the (yet to return) flabs, and to reassure myself that I am still OK. Quick check on the scale confirmed that I have not gained any, but still, my self-consciousness is on a low.

This factor is largely thanks to the lack of running. Running has in the past offered me some peace of mind that I will always be in a healthy mode. Psychologically, when I put off running for a bit, the fear crept in.

I have to find a solution to this mental problem, or else this will bug me for the rest of my life. That cannot happen.

Who says losing weight is hard? Keeping the weigh off is A LOT harder!

On the other hand, as much as I am a sport, and the fact that I am grateful to have many wonderful friends who are kind enough to invite us to eat for free - it would be nice to see something else served other than the oily stuff and super sweet air sirap. How about some light pita bread with roasted chicken and greens, or baked pasta with fresh tomatoes and herbs etc... (this is just a mirage, a wishlist, not a request. Although, you will find these alternatives at my house, if any lah kan).

But then again, that is an odd against the many millions of Muslims who loves their nasi dagang, kuah kacang, and rendang etc. As all the health guru would have said - eat in moderation... And so I found myself with few sticks of satay and rendang etc. One weekend in a wedding, people stared when I just ate the cut fruits (mana punya spesis haiwan ini, pegi kenduri tak makan nasi minyak?) because I am a good sport.

Perhaps this month of Syawal, every food is magnified 4 times off its normal servings, and therefore overwhelmed me.

It is time to pick up the pieces and look at the races again. What are coming my way;

a) TNF 50 Singapore (24 Oct 2009)
b) The Nike Human Race 2009 (24 Oct 2009 - aiyyoo)
c) The Terry Fox Run (01 Nov 2009)
d) Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (06 Dec 2009)
e) Malakoff 20km, Kiara (20 Dec 2009)

I also cannot deny the fact that I need to diversify my runs. Trail run is already on, and I need to pick up on others too (bila nak beli beskal?). Swimming will resume after SCSM for sure, or else after TNF is possible.

With the ending of 2009, the remaining races are very timid. But that is all there is. Have to make the best of it.

Leaving the office now. Heading to run my lungs out.

See me tomorrow in one piece.


CheRaMicHe said…
Bro Shah, malakoff dah register? is it 12 km or 20 km ek?
amsyah said…
ntah le bro... rm40 for 12km is agak mahal la jugak...

ada 12k or 6k. tepuk dada tanya selera

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