Communication 101?

When people say, "off the record", don't they mean that the conversation they are having in, well, off the record? Aren't they supposed not to be recorded in any way? You are not supposed to go and share, right?

Whatever happened to the old, trusted circle of friends, and controlled communication that we can rely upon. All of a sudden, like internet, all infos are available to all.

I better remind myself not to be that free when passing remarks, lah... These days people are easily offended, and with the pancung-pancung, hentam pakai parang, bakar etc-age of crime, we all ought to be very, very careful...

Other situation is when people say, "don't quote me, lah ok". The next thing you know, you will be the first to be quoted because simply, people like to pass the blame onto others but themselves.

Kena careful lagi lah ni...


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