Iris with H.F.M disease

This morning wifey called from the clinic, that our princess has HFM. I remembered taking her to the (same) doctor 2 nights ago, and the doctor GP brushed us off with some ubat gatal (oitment for the skin rashes). I put on some Bonjela to her mouth ulcer last night after she complained of some pain in her mouth, where I found an ulcer next to her upper inner right cheek.

Today, her mouth is filled with ulcers, and she's not eating and crying the whole afternoon. She's hungry but the pain is too unbearable for her to even suck on sweets her paediatrician subscribed to her. Her palms and feet are full of red dots and rashes.

It is very heartbreaking to see her in that state, not in her usual cheery self.

Spent half a day at a hospital today with Iris being cranky and confused. The paediatrician informed that she's the first case in that hospital, and expected more to come once this outbreak is loose. Already, another 2 kids from my babysitter's are quarantined.

So please, those with infants and small children... beware of this outbreak. Do not forget to always, always sanitize your hands. Iris on the other hand, still sucks on her right thumb, and being an explorer that she is, climbs everywhere and touches everything, no matter how much she washes her hands everyday.

Be safe.


..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Hope she gets well the soonest.

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