The North Face 100 Singapore - 50km Duo Report

What a race!

I have not seen many races in my new adventures, but this one took the stage so high up on so many levels, I contemplate into moving into Singapore! Why was I so ignorant about this when spending 5 freaking years in JB is beyond me. What a waste!

Anyway, we (Kash, Ian and myself) went into Singapore, and after a quick pit stop at Kash's place to pick up the race kit (thanks Azam!), went straight to The Running Lab at Novena where I have promised my friend Richard to pick up Nike Human Race's kit (yeah, kiasu sungguh). Did some shopping, where among others includes Asics Gel Kayano 15 but a separate entry for that.

We went into Singapore after breakfast, and rendezvoused at Kash's place. Her brother was very kind to drive us to the race site which was very helpful as the carparking is limited, considering the numbers of offiials, and the fact that TNF 100 Solo heroes started at 4 a.m., and were still running. We were dropped off at MacRitchie Reservoir Park, and chilled at the communal cafe to wait for the start. A rather cool and non-hasty approach as compared to the early morning rush for other races. Little did I know...

After some delicious karipaps, we made our way through the zig-zag bridge, have ourselves weighed, and went into the holding area. In this lightly sloping area, overlooking this gorgeous view into the reservoir, participants lounged on the turf under the shade, and times over cheering for the TNF 100 and 50 Solo runners passing through. We met Kash's friend - Team Lucky Beany (Hamim & Fatimah), and were interviewed by North Face's media. Just before 10.00 a.m., the TNF 50 Women's Duo were flagged off, and minutes later we were ushered in into the kandang, and flagged off at about 10.15 a.m.

Team Macam Bagus and Team Kasiris - the calm before the storm (pic credit : Kash)

We, the Macam Bagus team ran off ok in the middle pack. The first 5k along the Petal Trail was good which I paced Ian just fine. Slowly I fell away struggling behind. Nothing serious, just my normal first-time-jitters at everything, and over-cautious-self. Went on running, which I must say, JOLLY FUN! in-out-ing the trails. Man, but by the time I came into the Rifle Range Road, I slowed down at the monotony of the road and steady inclines. I could have done better running this course, but I didn't.

When I arrived at the water station #2, and I was delightful to see the spread (you wouldn't see this here, EVER!) - Mars & Snickers bars (unlimited, and although they are melted in the heat, but wayyyyy better than the gels), gels, Nature Valley's bars, bananas, cold 100+ and water. I took some Snickers and Mars, and a cup of 100+ on the run. Then I ran into the bushes again, mostly downhills, and came out by Hindhede's Nature Park. Although slowly, I went on running, until at the foot of the Bukit Timah summit. I had to stop and looked up at its steep incline (Hamim did warn us earlier about this), and there was nothing left in me to run up.

As I walked (slowly) up, there were many teams by the side nursing their cramps. As there were no meds around, I offered some of my deep heat to them. The journey up seemed like forever, but I was grateful the uncles and aunties around us smiled of encouragement. I tried to walk fast to catch up to my partner, and Ian came running down some just before the u-turn point. I thought, great, I am not that far behind.

Once I reached the U-turn point at the peak, I was cursing (a little, and quietly) at the non-event point of the U-turn. I expected some comical or music at that point to celebrate the long hike up, but it was a micro dissapointment. By the time I ran down, I started to feel cramps coming in on my calves, perhaps as a result of heavy running downhills and had to reduce speed considerably. I was also worried, that as we could see the bottom of the summit all the way with no brake points, leaping down will be downright dangerous (for me, at least). I passed the Kasiris going up about 1k after the U-turn point, and arrived back at Hindhede's place, into the trails and back at water station #2. I grabbed more Snickers and Mars bars, and a banana. I was done with bars quickly (by now, I have consumed 7 Snickers and 3 Mars bars!) and had some water. By the time I ran Rifle Range Road, I had a banana, but the gas purged it back out. Threw the rest, and walked/ran this stretch. I could feel the energy level slowly depletes, but soon found it again after going back into the trails.

Sadly to say though, at this point I only ran the flats and leap downhills, but walked uphills. I paced few runners, and scramble my way in my disorientation under the gorgeous trails. I came out of the trails again, this time along the Singapore Island Country Club's golf course. With the reservoir on my left, and the golf course on my right, we were running under the hot sun. It was 12+ noon/1p.m.-ish, and the deep heat that I put on coming down Bukit Timah peak just started to crack. Man, that was hot. Both my calves, quads and hamstrings were burning, I was close to jumping into the water (literally). I felt like my head was steaming off too. With some runners attempted to run and me pacing them, mostly were pressed to walk. I walked almost this entire stretch, and silently doubting myself returning to Singapore in December for SCSM'09. I thought, if I could not do this 25k trail, then another full marathon will at least be just hell.

Damn! I know I shouldn't, and pushed off the idea, and concentrate in my walks and hope the Kasiris would turn up behind me so I could pick up on their wind.

Things turned better once I got back into the trails with the remaining 2k. There were many interesting runs on the boardwalks, and the trails interweaved with a welcomed window of the reservoir. It was already 1p.m. when a marshall shouted words of encouragement that the end is near, and under those cool shades, I saw Ian waiting in front with his camera, and cheering me on. For the last km, we ran together, stopping few times so I could stretch my quads, and we cleared the covers, and I headed for the gantry.

I raised my hand, and finished the race in a high. What a feeling!

I was greeted with the smiles of the helpful volunteers, ushered into the scales - I lost approx. 4kg from pre-race (83kg with carbo-loading dinner and shoes) to 79 (with one million Snickers/Mars bars etc). Weights done, they put the medal on me (shining and heavy - and precious as Gollum would call it), and showed me towards the post-race counter.

You see, KL's post race meal only meant Milo and 100+ booth, with the exception of Men's Health (some burgers, Nature Valley's bars) and Siemen's (not sure if it's for runners, but there were nasi lemak and some sweet kuihs), but the queue is forever.

What they offered were great - unlimited (they passed plastic bags for us to tapau) chocolate-chip and vanilla giant cookies, oranges, bananas, muffins, strawberries, grapes, mango yoghurts, few varieties of Subway sandwiches and etc. There was no queue there (one guy n front of me do not count), and as I headed to 100+ booth, the queue was like 3 people in front of me, and I got my 3 cups in less than a minute. Amazing!

By the time me and Ian sat down with our drinks, I saw Kash and Azam coming in. By the time they joined us, I had already made 3 trips to the 100+ counter, and later came back with half a bottle. We snapped more pics, the guys were enjoying their post meal, and headed back the cafe, where we had shower. We stepped into the open shower, pulled the lever, and the cold water was a bliss. That open shower will someday appear in my forthcoming house (whenever that is) with herb aromatic garden and open sky.

The shower was however, temporary as we had the second refreshing shower at Kash's place after a quick cab ride from MacRitchie Park, where her mother is very hospitable to prepare us lunch (sorry Auntie, I was bloated with too much 100+). We lepak-ed for a while, but made our way just after Asar. I had earlier promised wifey to go together to our cousin's later in the night.

We hit the road, and passing the Second Link with ease. I thought of passing the wheels to Ian right after Pagoh, but ended up driving all the way into KL. I felt way too energised to stop, was not sleepy or tired at all, and thanks to Ian and Kash who have kept me company and making the boring drive across Johor a fun one. I suspected that I was high on sugar, which may mean I have to consume all sugary stuff hours before the race, together with my carbo-loading dinner lah kot...

We arrived in Bukit Jalil just after 8p.m. and dropped Ian off, before making our way trough some traffic into LDP, and arrived at TTDI soon after, where Rais waited for us patiently (sorry bro to keep you waiting). From there, it was very quick into Penchala Link, then DUKE and I was back home. Picked wife, Iris and m-i-l and went straight to my cousin's where the party just have started. By then, I had nothing in me but litres of 100+, water, nuts, some rice for lunch and many new ghost stories from Ian), and I just started to feel hungry and ready for my well-deserved post-run meal.

I was greeted with chicken chops with mushroom gravy, nasi dagang with ikan tongkol, curry puffs and many ayam BBQ. Fuhhh, memang berbaloi...

All in all, in my limited races so far, this The Northface 100 is without a doubt, a great race. And undoubtedly I will return again next year. I have immensely enjoyed my runs in the woods, and had a fair share of self-doubts etc etc. This was more mentally challenging, even compared to the full marathon but a great race nonetheless. I will bask in its glory for many moons, and dream about its beautiful trails. And thanks to the successful organiser for making this a memorable one.

I wished I could have done better to secure better placing for Macam Bagus team - initial results are in - Team Macam Bagus is (total team is 277);

Position : 92 Team: MACAM BAGUS Total Timing: 06:40:41.98

Tag No Name Team Timing Pos

5164-2 Nor Arfian Yusof MACAM BAGUS 03:06:42.78 119

5164-1 Syahril Nizam Kamaruddin MACAM BAGUS 03:33:59.20 279

To those who wishes to join next year's The North Face 100 Singapore, train well. There are many slopes which gives you the thrills, and the tracks varies - from soft tracks with leaves, to gravels, small boulders, tree roots, to tarmac and turfs, and boardwalks. The are a lot of shades in the woods, but prepare your sunblocks and bring your shades. Water station is sufficiently stocked with water and food (I hardly reached into my supplies), and I am good with a 3-litre hydration pack. If you carry less, refill at water station is very quick and easy. You might want to bring the shower gel they provided in the kits for a quick shower on site, and bring extra pair of change (we wet the cabbie's seats, and filled his air with our sweat). Other than that, the organiser gives you nothing to worry but to enjoy the whole thing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... now, not coming for SCSM'09? Not a chance!


raisavenue said…
Well done dude! All four of you... + Ian, Azam & Kash too!

This is very inspiring... Hopefully next year, we'll all be there... to cheer! hehehe...

CheRaMicHe said…
Wow.. nice write-up.. it feels like i was there as well :P nak join next year, for sure.

you should have taken the ORS drink instead :)
and too much chocolate = too much gas (asik nak kentut n burping jer) <- for me la..
and u have done 25km trail running, kacang je marathon nanti (haha.. i know.. i know, i havent run my own marathon yet)

so, bile lagi nak lari together2?
amsyah said…
Rais : thanks bro! next year, yeah... tapi join lari lah, and we cheer togeder-geder. lepas tu pegi makan tak ingat dunia (i'll remember not to go mabuk 100+ ok)

Che : thanks... jom next year, you won't regret it!
I had some ORS (courtesy of CA) but eventually it was too late, late... I have yet to find energy food yg tak bagi gas. the gels and power bars were worse for me.

next mid nov kat kiara o, kan? btw, I might run trailblazer kot... we'll see
shuklazim said…
Congrats bro...baca report macam best jek. Takpe try salomon dulu lepas tu bole cerita TNF
CheRaMicHe said…
i will, i will, next time, we go convoy! no, not during the race, drink it pre-race :)

wah takutnya MB pun join Trailblazer.. abis lah kena sayur la kitaorg.. :P (14km trail running is now kacang for u guys rite?) hehe..

i've avoid power gels and power bars completely.. bad gas la. try makan 1/2 boiled telur ayam kampung? and choc milk is good for your recovering, banana as well. yup, definitely going again, nak training utk X-trail :P

ops, enuf, im blogging here pulak :P
Anonymous said…
Ekceli I had a mind to wander to cheer for you guys, but I didn't know how to get to MR. Congrats, Syah, that's an unforgettable feat. You just catapulted to another level.
Anonymous said…
P/S next year, if I wanna try, will you ditch Ian and run with me? :)
amsyah said…
shuk : thanks bro. how did you do for Human Race? Some kwailohs went to Human Race and came for TNF - fuiyyohh. Best jugak kalu buleh join Salomon, tapi apakan daya... kutip vest saja lah lagi...

Che : thanks for the tips, akan dicoba wiken ini as a test case for SCSM'09. yes kita akan jumpa di kiara lagi... tak sabar ni, time next month mesti dah ramai trening for Salomon kot...
amsyah said…
Haza : takpa, kitorang pun tak tau nak pi sana hahahahaha, and thanks... it was indeed unforgettable feat.

Nak try next year? I am at Ian's mercy as I cannot ditch him but he might ditch me pasal slow sangat... hahahahaha. but you must try this one... have a go at Salomon? Like Chap Ayam Runners, kita buat la Geng Bas Sekolah ahhahahahaha

Human Race OK?
haza, syah already signed a two-year contract with MB :) Anyway, you and Kash makes a perfect Women's Team. I'm sure you can potong other teams.

Syah - I like the GBS idea. why don't u kick off the project.
Well done team MB!
amsyah said…
Ian : Thinks Haza & Kash will be a supermom team, yeah...

Kash : thanks kash, tahun depan buat lagi ok... :)
Anonymous said…
Kash, tahun depan, please ditch your bro for me (tho I'll be a pain in the nether region coz you'll have to wait for me, hehe).

Syah, I can't try salomon, I'll be in SG again, running the half with Sarah's bib.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Saya rasa amat ketinggalan zaman (i.e. jeles) sebab tak join race ni.. huuhuuuhuu..

Well done guys!
Nice report too.
amsyah said…
Haza : then we'll go makan makan sama2 lah for carbo loading kat SG ok, insyaAllah... - nanti mid nov i'll post a fun trail run kat kiara, nnt you join lah ok, we'll mimic the salomon trail ok

Nik : me likewise of your triathlons etc, tu pun power jugok. Nnt nx year kita serang SG sesama
doris 桃利思 said…
Huhh... very well done! After reading a few race reports, I am seriously considering running this next year! Must start to train now and find a partner :)
amsyah said…
yes doris, start slowly, you might as well enjoy trail runs for its unpredictabilities... the more the merrier...

I need a stronger pair of knees tho hehehe
kops21 said…
Good race report. 25km is okay...50km is a different kind of ball game.
anakpanyu said…
good report bro. it was very hot indeed. TEAM ANAKPANYU from Brunei.
amsyah said…
kops21 - you guys were outstanding! thanks a lot. perhaps next year i;ll have the guts to run 50k solo... :)

Baharuddin : Thanks bro... actually me and Ian were looking for Team AnakPanyu around tapi takde rezeki kita jumpa. Singapore Marathon maybe? Apa next event di Brunei? Ni ada alasan nak pegi jalan hehehehe
kops21 said…
there is no 50km solo...there is 100km duo..which each team mate runs 50km. :)

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