P.O.R. 2 - FRIM, Kepong (04 October 2009)

As I was cursing my way at Penang Airport for no WiFi services, waiting for a delayed flight home, I realised that I have yet to update my blog for a while now, as me and wifey were fully booked for few cupcakes orders during the week, my work and the many open houses over the weekend, and the oh-so annoying post Raya weekend traffic.

I must apologise publicly for making everyone wait for me at the carpark (Yeap, I was 15 minutes late). I was there with no breakfast, and very little sleep, and secretly hoping Nik won't kick my ass running up the trails. This time around, Nik was there, alongside Haris, and Ian had invited Dr. Zanariah, whom I have known her through her practice at Naluri, with Iris' paeditrician, Dr. Khairul. The Geng Bas Sekolah is missing Kash (running half marathon for Putrajaya 70.3), Day-O (on her way to Everest Base Camp, and Shaqi & Che (who were running the Ekiden at Putrajaya).

Dr. Zanariah all pumped

We started up very lightly, alongside many walkers and joggers. I do not mean to sound racist, but we were among the very few numbers of Malays going up, similar to Gunung Nuang the week before. I wonder where are the Malays, heaping nasi kerabu somewhere etc. I was that person 2 years ago... heheheh

The run went well, and the trails were very forgiving if compared to Nuang's, but not without its surprises of steep climb and slippery rocks. A little predictable, the trails are somewhat nice to run in, which I will no doubt return many times more.

see, ain't it nice and quiet? Love it!

one of the very few steep slopes. I fell on one of these babies on our way down

Ian better not send his wife to Dr. Zanariah after that day...

All the pics are grabbed from Nik's, as he always very kindly documents our little adventure.

Dr. Zanariah was seen struggling, but showing no sign of defeat. I guess all power ladies are built that way. I on the other hand, enjoyed thoroughly racing alongside Haris and Nik, only we are all spared that Ian was not by our side to give us dust.

reached our final point of run that day, a small dam at the end of the Che Trail

Had a star to endorse the asam boi I brought along as substitute for ORS

I lost track of time as I forgot my watch, but in the end, we reached down around 9.45 a.m. I think, and Ian was kind enough to prepare us delicious bruschetta and more. For heavy eaters, head to FRIM's cafeteria where they sell a huge lump of nasi lemak for RM1 only (my daughter will be pleased).
In the end, I was pleased with the adventure, what with darting my ways between Nik and Haris, and CA has always gone its way to ensure every run is as enjoyable and more. We were already talking about P.O.R. 3, with the big possibility of returning to Nuang to its peak.

I'll tell you, as jakun as this might sound - can't wait... TNF is coming fast.

With that in mind, my LSDs have been in total neglect. I have yet been able to pick up the pieces since Ramadhan beyond 16k, and the fact that SCSM is fast approaching, is somewhat unnerving. Quick scouting in the radar confirms that many fellow runners/bloggers are everywhere in their runs. Hopefully I'll do OK, and creep slowly to where I should be, lah... we'll see.

* all photo credits to Nik


hohoho, you guys will love MacRitchie Park when we run TNF. I promised.
CheRaMicHe said…
Im training for TNF next year actually.. hahaha..

i like the list on the right side of this blog - mereka yang memberi inspirasi - wah sonok im on the list.

btw, glad to know u enjoyed last week's trail! see u this Sunday then?
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Nice report.
U are appointed as the official sponsor of Asam Boi!!! Ahahaha...
Next time, buy some bread and u can at least have a breakfast while driving to the venue, OK. To run/hike without breakfast is a big NO NO. Ian surely agrees with this. :)
syah, the delay was not a big deal. we were busy stretching and snacking :)
Glad to know that u enjoyed the trail. It is so 'run'able ya .....

Yup, Nuang Peak for POR III is confirmed. See you guys there.
amsyah said…
kash : hopefully so, orang jakun, tengok benda semua mesti best punye...

che : TNF next year? rock on! yeah, see you this Sunday (or is it Saturday first, main air?)

Nik : sponsor I am, my pleasure...

Ian : yeah, POR III - extra distance which means I have to double the asam boi supply hahahhaha
CheRaMicHe said…
Saturday first, main air.. hehe.. kasi sejuk, longgar2 sket otot-otot utk Sunday punye run :P
larat ke nak bawak asam boi banyak2 tu :P sori la, x makan asam/jeruk dan sewaktu denganya..

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