Pre-Genting Trailing, November 2009

This weekend is again littered with many events, which includes a wedding and the Genting Trailblazer. Later about the wedding, this entry is a pre-entry on the trailblazing.

Still vaguely insane from last week's TNF Singapore, few Geng Bas Sekolah gengs will make our way to Genting come Sunday morning. This will reminisce my first trip to Genting last year with my partner, Yonerawk for our first trailblazer.

As a self-reminder, this year's preparations will be;

1) Gear
The usual stuff - old shorts and old shirt, old shoes waiting to be trashed (wore old Adidas last year - totally trashed) as the mud will take care of everything. With the current rains this whole week, the trails will be muddy. Will bring my gloves, and run with my Adidas Trails. Deep heat rubs, and some food.

In supporting the event which promotes Go Green - Zero Waste Policy, I will run with the hydration pack (pasal dah ada, kan...) and ban mineral bottles altogether.

But will put valuables (if any) in water-tight (plastic) bag as the obstacles at the end involves jumping into mud pools.

2) Trails
The trails are similar to last year's, and I will not enjoy the run along the golf course as much this year, it may seem. But I shall be expecting the same tough inclines, (crazy) steep hills, sliding downhills (on my butts) etc.

3) Hydration
Had some bad cramps last year, and my left illiotibial band gave way here. Will be very careful this year as SCSM'09 is very near, or else I wouldn't have time to recover.

Will bring lots of ORSes, and asam boi, and keep myself well-hydrated.

It will be a 14km of fun in the trails. A perfect way to spend a Sunday, eh?


CheRaMicHe said…
have u picked your gb yet?
Shuk said…
good luck bro...have fun main selut...will be at lake garden for terry fox...
amsyah said…
Che : it may sound stupid, but what is a gb? hehehe

Shuk : we will have the selut spa in genting for free hahah. Have fun tomorrow, join geng kain pelikat ke?
CheRaMicHe said…
goodies bag :P sorry, my bad

im gonna bring 'old' gear as well la. sure bloody muddy la kan as its been raining this couple of days..
Life a Shaq said…
gulp sounds tough.. see your guys there

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