Running the DUKE

Although this is just a quick 5k, as opposed to my fantasy of running the whole length (36k back & forth from Tmn Sri Ukay - Jalan Duta), but for now, this will do.

For RM1 per 1km, this will be a treat. Most of the running taikos will run PBIM that morning, I will run inferior-free... ehhehe, and hopefully within the first 100 to receive a medal.

Jom, jom, jom...

* this was cilok-ed from Cheramiche's


Sharif John said…
haha... i like running but never have the guts against u guys huhu
amsyah said…
John - mana ada, kitorang (read : myself) kepoh je lebih. Lari tak kencang langsung heheheh

pegi Genting this wiken?
CheRaMicHe said…
john, u should join us running together2 la.. semput je, x laju mana.. :P

bro shah, c u there.

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