SCSM Training - 20/10/09 (KLCC Park)

Went for a quick run at KLCC this evening. I was actually racing as the weather turned bad on my drive from Puchong. I am glad I took the chance and ran anyway, since the severe absence of any road run whatsoever for the past 2 weeks. The state of my run, if I could call it, is in despair.

Finished 5 loops (approx. 6.5k) when I lost steam. The rain came and it drove all runners out of the track - and I was more than happy to oblige. My sweet excuse to call it a day, when I could no longer run another lap.

Also met Shuk who was running with buddy Amzari, running with the Nike Human Race's gorgeous tee, which I hope to collect from Richard this Friday. I have been thinking to put it on for TNF this Saturday, but depending if it is better-looking than TNF's (we'll see, lah). I didn't know it was Shuk that I was pacing until he called out to me, and we ran together for the final half km or so.

Having defibrillated myself to the fact that SCSM is merely 5 weeks away, I need to do something to get back on track (what's left of it) and keep running again. Hopefully I am not that too far behind others who have been silently training for the marathon.

Starting to feel really, really nervous now.


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