Terry Fox Run 2009

While most other weekend warriors will be trudging the forest of Genting that morning, I am contemplating of bringing Iris and wifey to join this Terry Fox Run 2009, for a short 3.5km, or 5km if Iris is up to it. She made a 4km run/walk over Kepong Park once, so perhaps she'd be ok with it.

The Terry Fox Run will start at Lake Garden at 9.00 a.m. There will be no participation fee (free run, yahoo...) but a donation of at least RM25 could be done by buying their limited edition tee with Terry's face on it.

Anyone interested please call 03-56391874 (Ms. Yoon), or like me, I will just turn up and sengih-sengih and run.

We do not have a cancer case in our family history, my wife and I, but a lot of other killers - diabetes, high blood, heart related etc.

We'll see whether this will materialise, as I still have to build my mileage for SCSM09. I am also thinking of crashing Genting, if that is allowable.


Cikna said…
InsyAllah, will try hard to participate along. But I still have those 2nd migration project kicking off this nov.D:(
amsyah said…
comments page testing

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