toying around, killing time

No wait... this is not a final transformation, although I agree that I was caught up with the wave of blogface-updating activities for this past week. Many came up with fresh faces, I thought, what the heck...

Oh, no... I let them get to me.

So OK, who wouldn't want shiny brand new things? It's the single most valid point of consumerism, or else any businesses and industries will die from lack of demand.

I am killing time, on night watch for my little princess who keeps on waking up every hour or so. Prior to her earlier diagnosed HFM disease, she stopped eating any food (solid or otherwise) since lunch today (after a bowl of McD's porridge; and no liquid at all.

We are worried, and after a quick check with our pediatrician, we will admit her tomorrow for observations. At least the drips will give her some energy from the absence of food and liquid. Regardless to say, my northbound flight tomorrow has been cancelled.


amsyah said…
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..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Another face lift!
Hahaha.. hihihih.. huhuhu.. tiba2 harga botox jadi murah.. ramai org buat face lift!

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