Acclimatising - final week countdown

Been taking it easy this week - have developed a pain in my left groin, and right knee seems to be screaming a little. Have been going to the gym and run on the (boring) treadmill, maintaining 6:40mins/km for a full hour, hopefully to lessen the impact on knees.

I am acclimatising to the 6:40, I hope, and to carry on at that pace (kalau larat, lah) for SCSM.

There will be more sessions with this pace at the gym next week, to catch up on whatever lost mileage for SCSM.

Another week to go. I am jolting in between excited and scared, as always.

I have a Penang Beach Run in Feringghi on a plate this Saturday. I hope the pesta makan would not bruise me too much to get up early to drive into Penang.

Will sign-off, and drive balik kampung now. Wishing all Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha, and others a Happy Holiday! Be mindful of the excessive red meat this festive season, and drive carefully.

See you guys next week! Good luck to Team Grim Tri (triathletes nih!) for KLAVA, and have fun Diket doing the Kiara trails again (jelessss!).


Diket said…
Hahaha. Ur last point really made me chuckled in my cube wasting my last hours with holiday mood.

Safe journey bro. Don't worry to much about scsm. Ur last week should be rest, rest, rest & carbo load. I believed it shud be enjoyable.
Life a Shaq said…
have a safe journey , enjoy your holiday not too much ler..or else lemang "o" meter will increase back to full length .hehehe
selamat hari raya and jeles nih buat beach run... hehhehe

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