Final LSD for SCSM'09 - Saturday, 21 November 2009, and Post Run Idiosyncracies

It is funny how I reward myself after all my runs nowadays.

No, wait - funny is not the word. Insane, now that is more relevant. The food I have been rewarding myself after long runs are freaking insane.

On Saturday, I went running with GBS's hardcore runners (Kash, Ian and Nik) in our last bid for a decent LSD. I was there to shave off whatever scare and doubts I have been having. We took off from the carpark at Kiara towards KLGCC a little late, at 7.20 a.m. That morning, I had them waiting for me as I went to send my mother and granny off at KLIA (sorry guys!). We started very easy, running towards KLGCC, and with Nik and Ian turbo-ing ahead of us, we soon arrived at Petronas Hartamas in 40 minutes.

The earlier plan to make a U-turn here was smashed as everybody was itching to run longer (pelari tegar diorang nih!), so we headed towards Damas and Kompleks Kerajaan. We U-turned soon after Nusa Tropika before the Masjid Persekutuan, and headed back. It was a quick turn back into Hartamas, and long run back to Kiara, where we entered through the equestrian park into Kiara park. We did not go into trails, and stick to the roads and headed back towards the carpark.

We sprinted back, which was great. If my mind serves me right, we finished at 9.30a.m. and covered a total of 16km/10miles. Not bad at all.

The food after? Well, Kash was kind enough to reel in cold 100+ and bananas, which we enjoyed while bersembang post run about our trip to Singapore. Kash, I think you should get the Spongebob Squarepants's balloon that morning, so we could locate you in the dark... hahahah. Anyway, thanks for the food.

OK, it hit me when we were in Cold Storage later that afternoon. I told my wife that I have a craving for some chocolates, so off I went. What a small bar of chocolate after my LSD, kan. We walked out with a bag of Lays, Tim Tam and chocolates. I indulged in half of them while layan DVD with my wife that evening. No, the spree did not end there. I had a full dinner - which tempting enough includes ikan gelama jeruk (full of sodium), budu (pehh!), vegetable soup (ok, a little decent) and fried chicken. I am supposed to be losing weight, not gaining them.


It occured to me, that running has so far allowed me to eat a fair amount of junk as long as I keep on with my runs and routines - that I will not gain any pounds. And I have comforted myself that indulgence at times is allowed. There is no way not to enjoy life, eh.

What I do not like, is that I might be telling myself the same fiction all the time, it may start to slip out. I need to put some chains now, or else, I'll be in denial - forever!

Now that SCSM'09 is very near, I will need to eat sensibly to stock up energy (but how much, lah my liver could do so) and have it easy. Post SCSM, I will need to re-visit my diet and goals. Definitely, the rewards post runs are ought to be seriously scrutinized.

Please share, how do you reward yourselves post runs?



But in terms of makan, I eat more than the 3 basic meals. But I have learnt to reign it in. Sometimes. Hehehe.
whoops *rein* not reign. :)
amsyah said…
yup, I have let it 'reign' upon me hahaha. Massage? all the time? it is something I do very few after long races only.

Thanks Kash! Quality food I suppose
Leg/foot massage, every week. My feet dah manja sangat. Body massage only when I need them. Massage is also part of training apa (alasan).
errr ..... KFC counts?

p/s - I 'spoil' myself all the time with food whenever there are races. But I restrict it to two days before a race and one day after the race. The rest of the time/season, I pretty much take care of my diet. But the thing is I eat 5 equal meals a day. So, it's not that hard to eat healthily as a meal for me can simply be a wholemeal sandwich with veggie/egg filling and a fruit.
amsyah said…
Takpa Kash, we al need our alasans to get things through heheh

Ian : KFC mesti count. You are an advocate, as always hahah
Diket said…
Nasi kandar bro. It's always rewarding.
amsyah said…
Diket : nasi kandar memang sedap - but then again, you probably have zero body fat hahahah, anything goes

bila nak trail lagi? mid dec ok?
Diket said…
Syah, I'm hitting the Salomon trail again this Sunday. Jom2. Mid Dec if ada trail run lagi I'm sure to join.
amsyah said…
Sorry bro, Sunday morning will still be melepaking di Alor Setar and drive to KL. Have fun! Ni training 2 kali, ni mesti menang duit laaa

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