Free Selut Spa in Genting - limited time!

I missed the deadline long time ago. My last year's partner couldn't commit, and I was so busy and kept pushing. Before I knew it, the registration was closed. So I thought of doing Terry Fox with wifey and Iris. But when Ian asked me to team up for Macam Bagus after his earlier partner could not make it, I said ok. The truth is, I have started to enjoy trails, and wouldn't miss it for the world (chewah!). I want to be among the KL-ites who thronged into the dirt to re-connect with my childhood, and make complete mess of myself. I am sure all the people who came to Genting Trailblazer just wanted to have fun and trashed themselves.

We rendezvoused at Petronas Taman Melati near my place as it is just before Karak highway, and left soon after Subuh prayers. The plan was to reach Genting to pick our kits, and have breakfast. Only Ian and Nik turned up, as Che was still in Putrajaya. Shaqi came to meet us, but left earlier with his friend. Grim Duo will be Che and Shaqi, and Macam Bagus is Ian and myself. Nik tagged along without a partner, a pirate running with my second bib.

We left for Genting on a cold and quiet morning, and reached Awana just before 7a.m., picked our stuff, and had breakfast. When we arrived at the padang, runners have started with the aerobics exercise (courtesy of Celebrity Fitness). We stretched, and thanks to Nik, we had lots of photos (at press time, Nik might have still be well on his way back to JB, so the pics will have to wait). Soon enough, the Championship category were flagged off, and we were gunned off 10 minutes later, running into foggy roads. The first 100 metres were extremely muddy, but all runners were happy to splash into the fresh mud (it has been raining all week). Quickly we were in the gravel track leading into the golf course, and into the course, still with 10 metres of visibility. We ran close together (Ian and Nik), with Grim Duo slightly in front. We caught up with them sometimes, but I struggled a little running on the road with my trail shoes (alasan #1).

I must say the fresh Genting air was a little too fresh for my lungs (got ka?)

After 20 minutes or so of running in the open air, we climbed to a small hill, and immediately hit the trails. It was slippery, and wet. Already some runners slipped and fell off. I have some faith in my shoes, and went on to run slowly following my partner. After TNF, I vowed not to slow him (err, too much) so with my heavy breath, I kept running with Nik in tow. Although the trail is muddy but the first stretch (about 4km or so) was still runnable. There were lots of bamboos and trees to break our stride shall we may fall, and the side trails filled with leaves were not used, so we mostly overtook many runners that way.

Soon enough, we came out of the bushes into the open flats. This includes 2 almost 90 degrees slides on your butts. They were less scarier this year now that I have done it last year. Gladly, Macam Bagus was still in hot pursuit of Grim Duo who by now, has left us to bite their dust (power sunggoh!).

After this short 2km stretch, the real problems started with so many muddy and bloody slippery climbs and slides downhill. Very interesting sections and I thoroughly enjoyed the slides, but walked the uphills. There was no traction whatsoever here, and my shoes were thick with the mud. It is impossible to run here anyway, and I used this to hydrate and eat something (barely). All in all, I had one energy bar, and about a litre of water.

Just about a km before the water station at the Long House, I caught up with Che who was slightly dehydrated. After a quick sip, we walked up and onto the long uphill terrace. I ran up upon seeing the Chap Ayam Runner's photographer yelling that the end of trail is near. At the Long House, Shaqi was waiting for Che, but team Macam Bagus went on to run towards the last 3km or so. We could hear the loud music at the padang, but as last year's trail, I knew we had to take a sharp detour towards another bukit batu with its many twist and turns. This year, instead of coming down straight into the obstacle areas, they have added some few corners by the time we descended from the hill. This was somehow very quick, and we found ourselves coming into the obstacles area immediately after.

They have added many new obstacles this year, and needless to say, we jumped the pits, wade through the muds, climbed wooden walls, crossover the ropes and many, many loops of those. After a final crawl under the net, we were free and running towards the finishing line.

We finished, and scored no. 24 under the Adventure category. Bolehlah, last year I was not even listed, but Ian dropped from No.13 (sorry bro!). Nik came in 10 minutes later (delayed because he was putting his cam securely in the ziploc), and Grim Duo 5 minutes later.

Grim Duo in a dramatic moment - macam the Band of Brothers daa

We headed for shower quickly to avoid the crowds (banyak gambar censored kat sini), and the cold water was really refreshing. Do not forget to bring your change of clothes and etc here (lupa lagi), headed out for our post-run meal. By then, the shower started to get really cramped. Phew, lucky!

We wanted to swim in the pool there

The post meal by Awana includes fried mee, boiled eggs, strawberries, some cut burgers, cereals and cold milos. As expected, I OD-ed on the milo, and had an egg and 2 strawberries. Shaqi disappeared in the medical tent for his cramps (must be the cold shower), and we walked around meeting friends and familiar faces. All in all, better than last year, and it is good to see improvements. Biggest dissapointment was the dri-fit tee in dark green colour (o come on!), but others we OK. Water stations were adequate, but no route markers, the meals are so-so. Evidently, I will come back next year.

Only, Mr Organisers, next year, the obstacles tu, please do something Istana Takeshi ka, or at least do the Wipeouts... buleh kan...


all those semi-naked fit people prancing around, hmmm, maybe i should consider running a tad more serious after this =p
amsyah said…
ahah, buleh la jugak kalau nak kan inspiration macam tuh... then next year I'll rope you in. There were lots of people prancing around topless and wet all over, enough to make you drool lah kot.

the reward that comes with the joy of running. jumpa kat park this wiken?
raisavenue said…
best lah kalau ada race ala Wipeout. Hilarious! Congrats!
yikes, sorry, I accidentally used rais' sign in name.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Well done Syah.
It was difficult to keep track with team Macam Bagus. U guys were fast, impressive!

P/s: Should i sign miself up as solo team "Macam TAK Bagus"?
amsyah said…
Kash... I remember Japan's Takeshi Castle games... memang kelakar!

Nik : mana ada, you were fast what... I takut Ian rotan je kalau lambat.. heheheh. peace...
Syah, I think Grim Duo is no longer in talking terms with us ... I think we better belanja them some Coffee. :)
amsyah said…
Alamak ye ke? Aiseyman.... OK jugak tu.. masa Kiara on 14th kita sambung minum kopi kat TTDI
CheRaMicHe said…
yup, we are so frustrated that u guys beat us up with 3km to go :P only today i got the chance to read all your stories, sorry ek? as usual, u guys are the best, and would love to try it again next time (kan SS?).

haha.. ninja warriors la best shah.. dah penat2 lari, soh buat obstacle tu sure tak lepas. :P

next week jumpe eh? u guys wanna try the salomon route? yelah, some of u will not be here for the event kan?
amsyah said…
Che : jgn frust - berbangga lah sbb korang sapu MB so far ahead di awal race. Kalau your kasut tak ilang soles, and air cukup, sure GD dah bersinar-sinar di garisan penamat heheheh

Ninja Warriors memang best jugak... Ian kene sabun member dia kat Astro to do the show and ditch Raja Lawak hahahahaha

Nx week Kiara is ON! Kita piknik sekali... bawak cekodok pisang hahahha
CheRaMicHe said…
game on! err.. ni piknik ngan family ke? atau kita2 jer? im not sure both munchkins can wake up @ 6am :p

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