Hitting the HIIT

As a mere mortal who keeps a day job and some, I sometimes hide my trainings for my runs, simply because I want to spare the questions like whether did I win any money, or what placing did I get, etc etc. To others who has yet to catch a running bug, 'training' is a word exclusively for the elites who actually won medals and prize money.

To some (in my profession), it is even frowned-upon to be doing this, and not spending 14-hours days in the office. Sad, huh!

Now, we all know the importance of these trainings to our 10ks, halfs and fulls, even more so to us mortals. At least I train and run, unlike my eldest brother who is a diehard fan of a gigantic team in red-whatever from Manchester, watches every games and screams 'GOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL' like a madman on every score etc; but he himself never play any soccer (he plays volleyball instead). I am very sure some football fans are like that, although some are good. Irregardless of my speed and endurance level, trainings keeps me on track, gives me purpose to fulfill, and endless aims. At least I am not a prejudice.

So today, in my quest to cut 30 minutes off my 6:10 SCKLM in Singapore next month, I headed to KLCC Park again today. The sky had just cleared, and the park was packed with runners. Some Pacesetters and Ayam Runners were going at it at full speed, but we were missing the aerobics group today which usually hold a crowd of 50-odd amateur dancers/mortals grooving to the blast of Bollywood dance moves, and sometimes to the sound of dangdut reggae. hahahaha

I take most runners are training for their PBIM'09 which is coming soon. This is quite common when any big race approaches, and after that the park goes silent for a while. I expect the park will be more crowded soon as people train for Malakoff next month.

I had a good run today, doing HIIT of 4 minutes sprint, 1 minute walk tempo for a total of 6.5k. I was gasping for air most of the time, as my last HIIT was - geez, I cannot even recall. On the 3rd km, rain poured down and what heavenly feeling was that. Before I bitch about it, but now I'm not getting enough of it. Most runners were taking shelter under the many wakafs along the track, but I went on to share the tracks with only few. As earlier I was worried to wet my shoes, I now realise that the shoes will not be so wet if I keep on moving, and shuffling the water off my calves. Finished the run, cooled down, and rehydrate. That'll be a great boost for my good night's sleep later.

These training are inching me on a feel-good side of the oncoming SCSM, which is important to shake my nerves off at the starting line. The harder it gets, it also takes my head off my many worries. The remaining days for this week will see RPMs Wednesday, hills on Thursday (will attempt Bukit Antarabangsa if possible), easy 5k run Friday, Kiara trails 10k on Saturday, and easy recovery at Janda Baik on Sunday.


Anonymous said…
Here I go again. Sorry. But you seem the most rajin to update yer blog and the contents are usually thot provoking. Para 1-3, you just wrote exactly what I have in mind.

I also play it low. I always have to stifle a guffaw when my colleagues find out I'd just run a race and ask if I'd won. What most people don't know is I was actually last. haha. It's not about the competition lah.

Keep writing, Syah.
CheRaMicHe said…
nak join run kat KLCC boleh? :)
Keep going Syah, looking good. To run fast, we have to train fast. This training plus your weekly LSD can improve you overall timing insyallah. I am hoping the same result as you to cut my SCKLM timing by 30 minutes.

Good luck to both of us.
amsyah said…
Haza : thanks, it is comforting to know I am not alone hahahaha. I suppose our society has always been taught that when we do something, there has to be a physical/monetary reward, huh... takpa la, we need to have more runners then

Che : jom... ramai, err... ehem, sorry, ni blog ramai public aa, lain kali cerite hehehehe

Kash : sempuuutttt daaa... tapi harap2 angin kuskus tak datang melanda
LSD for trail run this sat, no?
p/s- trying to kill 2 birds with a stone here ...
shuklazim said…
berdesup bang...i was there on tuesday, tak nampak pun....laju sangat kot...hehehe
amsyah said…
Ian : LSD at Kiara? Set! 10km trail equivalent to half marathon ka? hahahaha

Shuk : mebbe you were berdesup-ing on the other side of the park too kot ahahhaha, selisih angin orang kata... was there around 6.30pm...

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