Iris' Graduation Concert

I rushed back from Singapore so we could spend a day with my daughter. It was Iris' first ever graduation concert.

We arrived at the KGPA a little late to learn all the best seats were all snapped up, as all My Montessori schools converge from UK Perdana, Bangsar, Wangsa Melawati and Cheras. Apparently the singer Jason Lo was also there to watch his daughter's.

This would be mine and wifey's first graduation concert, and we were extremely proud that our daughter has made it to her first year in school, and very eager to see her on stage. She was saying about all her dance moves, and we wanted to see if she has any stage fright etc.

The event started slightly late (I cannot imagine the kecoh-es in the changing room), and the first group went on stage. All the parents awweed, etc as one child started crying and calling for her mom. The event went well with the typicals - parents calling up to their kids from below, and waving like crazy to get his/her attention, and the filming etc convenes.

all getting ready, hussling around, some are eager and started singing

negotiating for some sweets with her mom

By the time Iris went on stage, she looked bewildered. But when she was able to spot me waving, and seeing the camera, she was all smiles, and started with the Hawaiian Hula Dance, and later with the Sang Kancil & Sang Buaya. She was missing weeks of training, and partly being quarantined from her HFMs, but still she did well, swaying and singing, and having fun on stage.

Oh, my little sweetheart!
the hula dancers (Iris on first left)

The concert went on nonetheless, but soon after Iris finished hers, we didn't stick long and we made our excuses and left to send my m-i-l to my b-i-l's (passing her to all her sons/daughters' houses in KL for her mandatory annual visit).

She passed out of excitement soon after in the car. Hope she had a great dream in the Hawaiian beaches (with me and wifey of course).


she's so adorable in hawaiian costume .... :) u shld sign her up for ads
amsyah said…
hahahah, will do

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