Penang Beach 10k Run & Carnival 2009

If I could pull this off, it will do justice to the daging overload from the Hari Raya Haji in Alor Setar, plus some pesta main air in Penang.

But it seems that Penang is rising with more interesting run events nowadays. Will racun my wife soon, hahah... If this does not materialise, I always have Taman Bandaran Alor Setar as fallback. Win-win, yes?


you are not only racuning Nana, you just racun me as well. See, 'beach' is my middle name :)
shuklazim said…
wah! best nyer...i ran along feringghi every time kat penang, from shangri-la sampai hujong...tapi along the way banyak anjing
amsyah said…
ahah Ian - that was not intentional, tapi jom je, Penang calling

Shuk : tak penah lari kat feringghi, except lari from one DVD stall to another heheheh. You going?
shuklazim said…
Syah, tak kot. Hari raya haji beb...
Sharif John said…
All the best bro... nnt kita lari sama2... next year haha
Cikna said… i know d story oredi,:)
gotcha hubby, i thought it was Ian who had the 'racuning' plot.
Ian, Syah tried racuning me with my fav nasik kandar and dvd spree if we were to spend the day in Penang.
bijak betul ayah Iris nie.
amsyah said…
bijak mengatur masa depan hahahah

John, tahun depan pun tahun depan laa. amacam panjat gunung? minggu ni rest ka?

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