Running in my dreams

I had a (freaky) dream last night. Truth be told, I mostly have dreamless sleeps.

My day started OK, gym, office, meetings etc. The evening before, I was at KLCC Park, running with another odd 4 runners in the (quite torrential) rain, doing an hour of HIIT runs (4 mins sprint, 1 min power walk). Picked my daughter, played around etc. Normal.

My dream? I was in Singapore - running the SCSM. It was the eleventh hour, and I was dead last. I was running frantically looking for the finishing line, when everybody else seemed to be leaving, and I kept running. As dramatic as it may sound, I actually woke up with both feet on the air, and they were moving (luckily my wife did not see that hahaha).

Scary thoughts, huh!

I suppose I need to calm myself down, and not spook myself with the thought of how less training has it been so far, and look forward to the birds, lions, and the whole animal kingdom which I will enjoy with my family post SCSM.

Yup, I am spooked... by myself. Fact - SCSM'09 is 18 more days to go. I need some piece of mind.

So I need to keep on doing what's left of it. This week's runs are;
a) Tuesday - Hills - Taman Komanwel - 4 sets of that crazy vertical wall, and its steps. Today I did 4 loops of the vertical wall, through the Plaza, steps and steep climb up to the peak of the park, and 2 sets of the reverse. Time - 1:20 mins
b) Wednesday - Speedwork - KLCC Park (night)
c) Thursday - Easy Run, 5km - Kepong Metro
d) Friday - rest/recovery
e) Saturday - 17km LSD - Kiara-Hartamas-Kiara
f) DUKEthon - 5k - DUKE Highway

How are your trainings, Weekend Warriors?


huuh.. sampai dalam mimpi pun training gak! hehehe
CheRaMicHe said…
pergh.. kalu dah tahap 'badang' dia mmg jadi macam tu bro :P they said if u dream bout something, say, mcm belajar bahasa.. kalu belajar bahasa tu, mimpi dlm bahasa tu, then u'll get the language.. kalu mcm tu, im sure u'll get it soon.. haha.. ape pun, kita layan DUKE dulu okeh?
takmo lah join LSD tu.. got something else to do that day la..
syah, you are going to do OK> Dont overdo the runs, and cramp last minute training. Its better to undertrain (bringing with you the semangat) than overtrain (feeling tired and losing confidence).

Take it easy. You can do this. You have trained for this.
Julin Julai said…
As Kak Kash said, you can do this.
You'' be alright, Syah. Don't overdo it.
amsyah said…
ida : ni la bahana orang kata training, tapi saya pegi makan hahahah

Che : mintak mintak la... amin

Kash : thanks, it is getting mental now, not so much physical, eh. Looking forward to whatever LSD I could do. See you guys Sunday?

JJ : thanks jugak - now tapering, hopefully i'll get some peace of mind in the coming weeks. Wish I could run faster tho. Have fun in Penang
shuklazim said…
Take it easy with training bro. Make sure you will be at starting point in one piece. You'll do fine
amsyah - you send shiver allover me. I just started training today for hardly 5km. shucks!!
amsyah said…
Shuk : thanks. I hope I remember to bring my balls that morning heheh

Ian : 2 weeks to go, and shiver it is. Am sure you'll be fine and smoke me kawkaw punye :) sub 4 this time? heheh

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