Salomon's X-Trail and Janda Baik weekend

GBS converge again for the 4th Trail Run, this time at Kiara Park. Similar to the first 3, the purpose of this trail run was to prepare for a race - this time the Salomon's X-Trail on 6th December. This however, will be as a part of GBS's monthly meet for trails/roads.

Since all who came yesterday are active bloggers, there is without a doubt everyone will blog about this trail run. So, I'll update this entry with links to others if you want to read the complete entry.

For me, my day started very early, and I arrived at Kiara carpark at 6 a.m. While driving, I was contemplating a Kiara - KLGCC route early, or around TTDI before the entire gang arrives, but chickened out later. I did loops in the park itself, pleasantly surprised of the total length (more than 1km/loop) and the crowd. It was still very dark, but old uncles and aunties were already gathering for their taichis, and brisk walks - Chinese and Malay alike. You see, that is aspiring! I must have been the youngest there (for that 20 minutes or so... hahahah).

I completed my 6th lap when I spotted Nik coming in, and he joined me for another lap when I was already gasping for air. Upon finishing, we saw Kash, Doris and Meng, together with Rais. Moments later, Shaqi, Shuk, Shakil, Ian and Che arrived shortly after. After a brief shake hands etc, especially to new friends, we proceeded with warm-ups, courtesy of CA. Towards the end, we were joined by Shukran and wife. So there you go - a very healthy and gungho 12 about to attempt the trails.

Our designated tracker, Che (who is newly appointed as coordinator-cum-reviewer of CA's The Wild Gym woohooo!) took the map and head us out to the trails. Everybody was pumped! The trails were wet and slightly slippery from the endless rainy days. Sometimes Che headed out so far ahead to check the trails and came back, but the first quarter through Lower Carnival and the Flinstones' Playground proved quite tactical (or is it technical) for me. We hiked a lot, and run was quite limited. In the end, we had 2 casualties - Shukran and his wife dropped out and returned back. With Grim Duo in matching dri-fit, one was leading and another sweeping, we were spread out between the 100 - 200 metres at a time.

We had few stops when trails were a little sketchy, but thanks to all the team members being a great sport, we were not short of laughters and jokes. We came about a very grandeur venue - being right above the tunnel of Penchala Link overlooking the plaza and Mont Kiara. Another was we came out of nowhere and climbed up the earth retaining wall towards the peak that offers magnificent 180 degrees view of Mont Kiara, Hartamas, Bukit Damansara and KL city. Such adventure, when it offers unexpected views and perspectives usually are very rewarding and makes it all worthwhile.

We were no short of splendid photo sessions, thanks to GBS's official photographer Nik and others. We moved a lot, and later arrived at the Twin Peak which is filled with beautiful ferns, and from then on, I think we skipped the X-Trail route and Che led us to another which was equally challenging, if not more. It was mostly downhills here and what jolly fun it was. We descended quickly to reach the crossover at the tarmac area (where groups of MTB gathered and socialising), and took the tarmac towards the dead end adjacent to the equestrian park. I suppose this was mostly we lost a lot of time earlier, but entered the 4K trail. We had few more uphills and downhills, before exiting into the tarmac, and headed home. Just after the Rumah Pam, we entered the trails again for a quick way into the carpark.

Immediately after, we found ourselves post-run treat, way better that the SCKLM with fresh (and cold) melons, popiah (in salad wrap), iced water and 100+. I have prepared some chicken cekodok for ourselves. I think we all went in without cooling down hahahaha, but Doris and Ming had to leave early. It was a good morning - weather was good, the company was great, food was spot on etc etc. Now Che will let us in with another run in a month, after everyone is rested post Salomon and SCSM'09. Surely, this monthly run-makan-sembang will be a boost much needed as compared to a boring solo runs. I cant wait for more. What, with all the good food, I don't think anyone would to give it a miss.

We departed just when the rain started to come, and we have planned an LSD next Saturday - a slow LSD from Kiara towards Hartamas and back before we taper towards SCSM, hopefully keeping us all fatigue and injury-less.

Pardon me for a long entry, but I went home to pick wifey and Iris, where we headed out to Janda Baik for wifey's office retreat. After a long, 18-ish km this morning, what better way to recover if not for this welcomed respite. We checked in at Maninjau Chalet, had simple lunch and hang around while they were preparing to boil some tapiocas and cekmek molek dumpling (hahaha, best!). We had those with hot black coffee as they prepare the fire for BBQ dinner.

You see, with no TV and nothing to do, activities were limited to gossiping (with lots of quirky jokes of the Janda's), mandi sungai and eat, eat and eat. There were lots of food and many kinds of drinks. Albeit simple, the jokes kept us warm throughout the night.

When we woke up in the morning, breakfast was already served, and mandi sungai preceded despite the cold water. The river is cleaner that those of Langat's, and colder too but it was too cold for some, we had double breakfast instead. After rounds of local tabloid newspaper, and catching up on gossips from this month's URTV (who bought that in the first place?), we checked out and headed back to KL. Later, a cold and gloomy afternoon at home with warm tea and hot soto ayam was a perfect way to end it all this week.

All in all, it was a balanced week for me and wifey, and we have not had a win-win weekend for quite a while now.

O yes, good luck to Ian and Che for GPS, and Shuk for Klang Pacer's 12km. New season is up and running, and races are on!


woohoo, you did 18KM! I managed only half of what you did. Dont underestimate the Kiara Park distance. Its about 1.2KM one lap and I had done 30KM before by just doing the laps. I do my intervals around this lap too.

Glad you had a splendid weekend. Have a great week.
amsyah said…
30km on those? I surely muntah punya (can't get past thru 14km in KLCC). Thanks for the company and the melons :). See you next week pulak
CheRaMicHe said…
Bro, we have DUKEthon kan this Sunday kan?

It was great running together with you guys.
amsyah said…
Che : yes, DUKEthon this Sunday. Ada harapan menang duit ka pasal semua taikos pegi Penang hahahahah. Mesti mau naik itu belon panas!

Che, thanks for being our tracker. It was great and loved the company. Nanti buat lagi ok. How was GPS?
CheRaMicHe said…
GPS tgh tuleh report.. tunggu ek? x siap lagi :P
it was awesome tp sakit punggung la.. (lama sangat kayuh).. all and all, worth joining..

Haha.. maybe la.. i wanna try to run @ the front pack this time.. jom? kalu menang blanja milo ais okeh? hehe..
amsyah said…
che : ok, ni front pack ni mesti berdesup kawkaw punye. ok ok kita pecut (jangan injured sudah)
shuklazim said…
yes! good fun last saturday...tak sedar 2 jam lebih

che: lain kali try bukit cermin?
amsyah said…
eh Shuk - mana kita punya official photographer? senyap je?

Che : Bukit Cermin tu dengarnye tempat MTB? Shuk dah seronok lari trail ka? heheh
CheRaMicHe said…
hehe.. Nik kan kate dia cuti.. maybe today kot baru masuk keje?

syuk - kat ner tu? u can be the guide.. :P a'ah.. aku dok risau kate 1.5 - 2 hrs, ni dah dekat 2 jam sengah.. hehe..

shah - hehe.. kalu 1500meter boleh kot pecut.. ni 5000 meter.. mcm jauh jer.. haha.. blh cuba kan? after all, i dont have any marathon to attend to :P
amsyah said…
takpa che, kita hentam sajalah... heheh
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Thanks for the chickendok.. hehe.
Nanti letak la resepi kat sini.. hihi.

Ye, rasanya si Shuk dah terkena TR's bug (TR=TrailRun)
CheRaMicHe said…
nik.. betul la.. haha..
amsyah said…
Nik : my pleasure bro. Shuk dah kena racun hahah. Sama le dengan Doris kot. They are TR-alised!
syah, hate myself for being the last commentator here. were those chickendok, mati-mati ingat udangdok ... siap blog pasal tuh lagi ... hhehehe.
amsyah said…
Ian - takpa, no worries. next time we do udang pulak. Last commentator takpa, jangan last runner cukup hahahah

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