Are you a Runner or a Jogger?

I came back from running last week, into the office for shower, and my colleague asked, "pergi jogging ke?".

Jogging? Did I just spend 1 hour jogging? Was I not running?
Silly as it sound, I was a little fluttered and upset that I was referred as a jogger (hahahah) which my mental image is a casual runner who 'moves' with baggy track bottoms, with flourescent plastic caps.

I thought I went running. I thought I am a runner (wannabe?).
Similarly, I have this identical reference to all questions from people except for running friends and my daughter & wife. But really, got difference aa?

Pardon my crap at googling and my ability to digest words is limited.

Wikipedia simply refers to jogging as a form of trotting or running at a very slow/leisurely pace, and anything lower than 10km/hr.

And running, with its extensive definition and explanation, sums at as a mean for us moving on foot, and ranges from a very slow jog to a fast sprint - hence a broader definition.

So OK, then most of my runs are equally jogs, but all jogs are essentially runs, so after all, I am a runner. We are all runners, from the pros to the strong aunties (yes, last week a veteran lady smoked me in Lake Garden... maluuuuu!).



tolldoll said…
i think its a common misconception... or maybe it's no misconception at all since jogging is a form of running. I usually tell people I'm going for a jog and then revel in the pride when they see the medals or whatever and goes, whaa you lari ke? heheh.

I don't think there's anything wrong with being called a jogger, as long as inside yourself you feel proud to be a runner.
Che said…
we are runners la bro for sure.. jogger dont do LSD, half/full marathon like we did.. :P

but we need to be a jogger sometimes, slow runs helps the recovery after heavy-long distance-running. so both terms applies.

and my father-in-law still says that i like jogging so much :P nvm what they said. i like being a jogger and a runner, whichever i feel like one.
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
I don't think i'm a runner.. coz many times i walk during running.. hehehe....
Che said…
nik.. u dont really walk, u run, walk and shoot (pics) :P what should they call u then? :P
Anonymous said…
I run at jogging pace. So I'm a...


Anyway, I don't really bother too much about all these labels. As long as I'm working out some sweat, I'm more than happy.

amsyah said…
nadia : ekceli takde salap in definition pun, just my comparison/definition is a little naive. jogger ka, runner ka - goals tetap sama - to be a better self, kan... heheh

Che : how many are they? sprinters, walkers, joggers, trail runners, runners, shufflers - takpa lah, as long as we sweat and stay healthy, belasah saja la :)
amsyah said…
che : nik is a photorunner. got aa?

faisal : you are right bro - I too, am happy to be doing just that
gerbera said…
erm..i dont consider my self a runner yet but i dont like when people call me a jogger.
Hehehe..pening tak.
Che said…
haha.. i agree with u sis gerbera :P
I am a runner, a jogger and a walker for sure. During last SCSM, I was a heavy drinker and a big eater too .... gulp!
Anonymous said…
You're no longer a jogger when you have run/walked/crawled with a bib. ;)

Alright, I share the uncomfy feeling. Jogging sounds so puny and casual, when in fact we work our regal behinds ground pounding, right?

Don't be surprised, there are some who believe that unless you can run a sub-4 marathon, you are not a runner.

I came across this avid runner in Cool Running who said that humans have only two gaits - walking or running. He doesn't care if you call it Strawberry Shortcake, but to him, he is running.

Let's adopt his attitude. :)
amsyah said…
gerbera & che - that makes three of us hahah

CA - you are also a sprinter, bodosup laei... hahahhahaha
amsyah said…
Haza : amazing how we screw ourselves in cultural make-beliefs. bottom line, joggers and runners are simply people who shares the same interest and goals, regardless of how do they actually doing it.

We are Runners! yay... :D

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