DUKEthon 2009

(This is a delayed post)

DUKE expressway opened an invitation for a 1Malaysia run, and I was one of the few hundred to run its (5km) stretch, together with buddy Che. With most running taikos re-visiting PBIM, we thought the crowd would be a little, localised. Boy, we were wrong. Fair amount of running taikos turned up that morning, and the air was festive.

We parked just next to the gantry and Iris was so excited looking at the black hot air balloon that we promised her since a week ago. Got ready, warmed up, and settled in the 'kandang'. All the pros were making their rounds, and we found ourselves in the middle pack - and all the warm ups were cooling off as the start was at 8a.m. (there was really no need to start early as the run was really quick). We should have picked a spot further in front, lah Che (next time), that way, we could minimise zig-zagging and traffic won't be hogging too much. The single lane is narrow and that is a lesson learnt. Next year, depan gantry, ok :).

Bangga dapat jugak medal, berbaloi pecut

Running the DUKE is quite different from driving it. But as everybody was sprinting, we found ourselves the U-turn before the Sentul/Gombak exit where I stopped to get some water. Big mistake - angin kus-kus dissipated, and I looked up at the climb after the U-turn. Dang!, walked a little, and saw Che coming around, and overtook me. Then I picked up speed to pace him, and though he makes a good pacer. Ye lah, all the CAR runners probably dah enjoying their rewards at that point. We sprinted the final 300 metres, and I finished 129th. Che finished 131st. Unofficial timing was 23mins, but CAR results shows ours were 25 minutes. Either way, both are great and sets a new PB.

customary gigantic air slides, but Iris still chickened out
the Bhangra guys seems to be getting a lot of books these day, buy they are really good!

mr. smiley hot air balloon, we were up for 60 feet and down in 5 minutes thrill

the crowd, the snake-queue, and atmosphere
still not adventurous, and freaking out a little... takpa, give her time

Overall, the run was good. No drama, zippy and just. What made me stayed longer that morning were;
a) Iris took time for her now customary face-painting, and sand art. She won't budge until she completes at least 2 sand arts

her customary thing, and Spongebob is one of her favourites

b) the car show. check out the pics! some creative owners, eh...
c) the hot air balloon - timing was great as we were 6th in line (and the beeline was soooo long). Although we were airborne for 60 feet for about 5 minutes, but it was an experience nonetheless. I did not only drove and ran DUKE, I flew/float it too!

mana nak letak luggage? siap ada bunga centrepiece meja kenduri kawen lagi!
sungguh memeningkan
this guy won lots of award, so it seems

owh, ada rimau (sponsor tiger balm?)

downright creepy creative

It was good (and enlightening) Sunday. Hope you have enjoyed yours.


CheRaMicHe said…
i missed the hot air ballon.. camne boleh lupa ek? i always wanted to try floating on one :P

best. next time kita dok depan :P
Life a Shaq said…
wah having fun at DUKE, although dlm bahasa melayu nyer means the opposite,
amsyah said…
che : kitorang pun lupa, tersesat ke belakang, and nasib baik they just started the line, so might as well.

Shaqi : berduka masa lari, bar-riang ria lepas lari

Guys - semoga berjaya dan selamat meng-enjoy main sorok-sorok dalam bukit kiara... jeles aahh
gerbera said…
I saw 2 of you but didnt reconize u guys that time.
I still remember when my friend ask me why 2 of you didnt wear duke t-shir and i told the "Diorang ni otai-otai kot"

And i missed the hot air balloon. Terlupa
amsyah said…
gerbera : laa ye ke... nanti come say hi ok. sembang2... (tapi kitorang bukan otai hehehhe). What's your next race?
..::EnAikAY::.. said…
Semalam makan otak-otak,
Otak-otak dari Melaka,
Muscle di kaki berketak-ketak,
Ye, mmg sah diorang ni otai-otai belaka..

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